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Tap water

New York City’s Drinking Water is Safe!

New York City’s tap water remains safe, this includes drinking water in the Rockaways and Staten Island.

Breezy Point is unique; though it uses city drinking water, which remains safe, its distribution system is privately managed and operated. Breezy Point is isolated by back flow prevention devices and has not negatively impacted the City Water Supply.

Water is being restored, where it can, in Breezy Point for the express purpose of firefighting and fire suppression. Because of what is assumed to be extensive damage to the water pipes in Breezy Point, the water is not drinkable, even after boiling. The City will be testing the water to determine the extent of the problem, but for now it's important that residents not drink the water. Safe drinking water is being provided by DEP at portable water station(s) and bottled water is onsite.

Reservoir Levels

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