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Updated: January 25, 2008

2007 The Water Conservation Art and Poetry Contest Winners

Every year, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) asks fifth and sixth grade students from public, independent, and parochial schools throughout the City to submit original works of art and poetry that relate to water conservation, water quality and wastewater treatment. This year the DEP partnered with National Audubon Society to help young people become aware of native wildlife and the protection of the habitat that supports them. Entries were judged on their originality, craftsmanship, and creativity by selected reviewers from the City's environmental education community.

The Water Conservation Art and Poetry Contest provides students with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the City's water and wastewater supply systems, and creatively express what they learn. Students created artwork using various media and poetry. The beauty, maturity, and insight of each entry illustrated the students' understanding of various water issues.

On May 11th, a ceremony at Cooper Union's Great Hall in Manhattan, co-sponsored by Consolidated Edison, was held to honor more than 300 students from over 80 schools. All winning entries were displayed, and borough winners were called to the stage to receive awards from Public Affairs Director Charles Sturcken. Representatives from National Audubon Society, the New York City Department of Education, Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct and Consolidated Edison were there to offer congratulations to all the winners.

Thirteen entries created by 24 students, received awards as the borough winners of the contest. The winners for art submissions were from the following schools:

  • PS 30 - Bronx
  • PS 204 - Brooklyn
  • The Calhoun School - Manhattan
  • PS 221 - Queens
  • St. Ann School - Staten Island

The winners for poetry submissions were from the following schools:

  • St. Clares School - Bronx
  • PS 179 and John Hus Moravian - Brooklyn
  • NYC Lab School - Manhattan
  • PS 38 and St. Robert Bellarmine- Queens
  • Our Lady Star of the Sea and PS 53 - Staten Island

Mr. Sturcken congratulated all the winners and thanked the audience of participants throughout the City for their excellent efforts in helping to protect and conserve a precious resource.


A Selection of Winning Artwork:


Keep water clean!

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Keep NYC beautiful. Let's save water!

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Winning Poetry:


Aqua, Water, H2O

When hydrogen and oxygen are combined,
Together create aqua defined.
In the sky and on the ground,
Water is everywhere to be found.
The Earth has more water than it has land,
But places exist where there’s only sand.
Aqua is vital for dirt and for thirst,
Water is required! It comes first!
Individuals from nations rich or poor,
All need water some less and some more.
Use H2O carefully day after day,
Even with a flowed-over bay.

In every continent, for ever race,
Water is considered a blessing of grace.
Aqua is used in all of the seasons.
Winter, spring, summer, and fall.
When there’s too little water, everyone frowns,
But when too abundant, water drowns.
So whether in city, village or town,
Water is certainly the Jewel in the “Jewel in the Crown”.


How I work

I work quite fine you don’t need to move an inch.
I work by myself, you need not to flinch.
Parts of me start on the ground and moves to the sky.
It moves by vapor of course, you might know why.
Part of me is liquid and it gets hot, it steams a lot.
And when it steams, it goes in the air.
You may wonder what it does up there.
I’ll you what and I’ll tell you how.
The steam goes in the air and makes a cloud.
The cloud fills up drops me down.
How does it drop me down you say?
It drops me down 4 different ways.
Here are all 4 for you to see: Rain, snow, hail and sleet.
“Wow!” you say, “such amazing things you do.”
I know they are, I really, really do.
Now you know what I do, but you ask, “Who am I?”
I’m the water cycle; I touch all from land to sky.


The Staten Island Bluebelt

Staten Island gets many storms
When the weather I scold or the weather is warm.

The Bluebelt is a way to drain
So our land does not flood after the rain.

The open spaces of ponds and streams
Are places for people and wildlife to play and dream.

People can help with the Bluebelt solution
By keeping our wetlands free from pollution.

One way you can help the Bluebelt from being spoiled
Is to make sure you recycle your motor oil.

When you wash your car, use biodegradable soap
That you won’t let go down the sewer I hope

And finally, you can make a difference
By being a part of the Adopt-a-Blubelt System.

You can ask local companies to make a donation
To make the Staten Island Bluebelt the best in the nation.


More Information

NYC Department of Environmental Protection
Public Affairs

59-17 Junction Boulevard
19th Floor
Flushing, NY 11373

(718) 595-6600