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Internship Opportunities at DEP


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a current student or recent graduate to be eligible for an internship positions?

Yes. You are eligible for a year-round (Fall/Spring semesters) internship position if you are a currently matriculated undergraduate or graduate student with at least a junior standing as an undergraduate. You are eligible for a summer internship position if you are a currently matriculated undergraduate or graduate student, or if you have graduated in December 2017 or January 2018.

How do I check the status of my application?

To check the status of your application, login to your account and click View the status of jobs you have applied to. This will list the submittal status for each position you applied to.

What are some of the advantages to working for DEP?

Interns have the opportunity to earn college credit, interact with senior management and project leaders, and receive formal evaluations and feedback. Interns also join an active alumni network. We hope that these opportunities will factor into your decision to work with us during the school year or in the summer.

Are paid positions available?

Yes, there are a limited number of paid internships available. Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions DEP is not able to compensate all summer interns. Our year round internship positions are unpaid. DEP will work with students to help them earn college credit and write references and letters of recommendation.

Can internships lead to full-time positions?

Yes! Many former students have found their internships rewarding and decided to become full-time DEP employees after completing their studies. However, an internship is not a “fast track” to full employment and all former interns are required to apply for full-time positions as they become available.

Does DEP offer both full-time and part-time internships?

Some projects may allow for a flexible work schedule, but interns can expect to work roughly 35 hours per week for summer positions and 17 to 35 hours per week for year round positions. Most hours will fall between 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday, though some positions will require limited weekend and evening commitments.

How will I be placed in an internship?

Our needs and the characteristics of intern candidates change every year. We consider the interests and skills that you note on your application to make sure that we match the right candidate to the right position. We also consider location for positions in the NYC watershed. We will contact you with an invitation to interview for one or more positions based on this information.

How long is the internship program?

The internship program lasts 10 weeks—from the first week of June to mid-August for summer positions. These dates include an orientation and final presentations. Year round positions last three to four months-from September to December for the Fall semester and February to May for the Spring semester. We can accommodate school conflicts on a case-by-case basis. Please be familiar with your schedule during your interview.

Does DEP provide sponsorships for foreign students?

No, we do not sponsor foreign students. If you are an international student please check your visa to determine if you are able to work in the United States.

Does DEP provide housing for summer interns?

No, DEP does not provide housing.

Does DEP provide transportation?

Interns are responsible for getting to and from their job site. Public transportation is the best choice if you live and work in New York City. Here are some useful resources:


What if I have more questions?

The best way to reach us is by sending an email to with Internship in the subject line.