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Career Opportunities

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Protection’s career opportunities page. DEP offers competitive positions in a supportive work environment with great employee benefits. Our agency is unique in that we offer positions throughout the five boroughs, as well as the watershed region in Upstate New York. Click here to learn more about DEP’s mission and current projects.

DEP’s current career opportunities are listed below. Please review the open positions and apply accordingly.

Non-City Employees: Candidates who are not currently City employees may review DEP’s current vacancies and apply through the NYC Careers portal by clicking on the links below.

Current DEP and/or City Employees: Please apply for all positions through NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS). Be aware that the job vacancies listed below are for positions open to external candidates. To view all vacancies, including internal-only opportunities, please access ESS.

Civil Service Exams: Civil service law requires that candidates for most NYC jobs take and pass an exam before they can be hired. Visit the Department of Citywide Administrative Services’ OASys portal to view the tentative annual exam schedule and register for exams.

Visit Internships Opportunities to learn about DEP’s year round internship program.

Executive Career Opportunities

Business TitleCivil Service TitleLocationPosting Period
Deputy Commissioner, Engineering Design & Construction Deputy Commissioner (DEP) Queens 1/26/2018–Until Filled
Deputy Commissioner, Water and Sewer Operations Deputy Commissioner (DEP) Queens 1/26/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Commissioner, Budget Assistant Commissioner M4 Queens 3/8/2018–Until Filled
Executive Director, In-House Design Administrative Project Management M4 Queens 2/14/2018–Until Filled
Executive Director Administrative Engineer M4 Queens 2/14/2018–Until Filled
BWT Director of Regulatory Compliance, Strategy & Technology Innovation Administrative Project Mananger M4 Queens 1/12/2018–Until Filled

Career Opportunities

Business TitleCivil Service TitleLocationPosting Period
City Laborer B City Laborer Queens 4/10/2018–4/23/2018
Stationary Engineer (Steam) Stationary Engineer Wards Island, NY 4/4/2018–4/17/2018
Asbestos Enforcement Inspector Industrial Hygienist I Queens 4/3/2018–Until Filled
Bureau Chief Contracting Officer Administrative Procurement Analyst Queens 4/3/2018–Until Filled
Health & Safety Specialist I Associate Public Health Sanitarian I Queens 4/3/2018–Until Filled
Stationary Engineer (Electric) Stationary Engineer (Electric) Manhattan 4/3/2018–Until Filled
Electrician’s Helper Electrician’s Helper Yonkers, NY 4/3/2018–5/3/2018
Water Use Inspector II Water Use Inspector II Queens 4/3/2018–4/16/2018
Engineering Technican I Engineering Technican I NYC-All Boroughs 3/29/2018–Until Filled
Industrial Hygienist II Industrial Hygienist II Queens 3/29/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Counsel Agency Attorney II Queens 3/26/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Counsel Agency Attorney III Queens 3/26/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Mechanical Engineer Assistant Mechanical Engineer Queens 3/26/2018–Until Filled
Engineering Technician I Engineering Technician I Queens 3/26/2018–Until Filled
Project Manager Community Coordinator Queens 3/26/2018–Until Filled
Job Order Contract Assistant Civil Engineering Intern Katonah, NY 3/26/2018–4/25/2018
Job Order Contract Coordinator Associate Project Manager II Katonah, NY 3/26/2018–4/25/2018
Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineer II Bronx 3/26/2018–4/21/2018
Procurement Analyst Community Coordinator Queens 3/26/2018–4/8/2018
Senior Policy Advisor, Energy Finance & Affordability Executive Program Specialist M1 Manhattan 3/19/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Electrical Engineer Assistant Electrical Engineer Valhalla, NY 3/16/2018–4/15/2018
Green Infrastructure Engineer Civil Engineer Queens 3/14/2018–Until Filled
Senior Construction Manager ADM Construction Project MGR- NM Queens 3/14/2018–Until Filled
Watershed Maintainer Watershed Maintainer Queens 3/14/2018–Until Filled
Watershed Maintainer Watershed Maintainer Brooklyn 3/14/2018–Until Filled
GIS Editor Engineering Technician IV Queens 3/8/2018–Until Filled
Section Chief, Project Management Unit City Research Scientist II Queens 3/8/2018–Until Filled
Stationary Engineer (Electric) Stationary Engineer (Electric) Queens 3/8/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Electrical Inspector Assistant Electrical Engineer Wards Island, NY 3/5/2018–Until Filled
GI Program Specialist Assistant Civil Engineer Queens 3/5/2018–Until Filled
Budget Analyst Project Manager Queens 3/1/2018–Until Filled
Senior Project Controls Specialist Administrative Project Manager Queens 3/1/2018–Until Filled
Research Scientist City Research Scientist I Queens 2/26/2018–Until Filled
Senior Counsel Executive Agency Counsel M3 Queens 2/15/2018–Until Filled
Civil Engineering Intern Civil Engineering Intern Queens 2/14/2018–Until Filled
Contract and Budget Analyst Staff Analyst Trainee Queens 2/14/2018–Until Filled
Field Inspector Geologist I Manhattan 2/14/2018–Until Filled
Program Management Office Assistant Principal Administrative Associate II Queens 2/14/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer Assistant Civil Engineer Queens 2/8/2018–Until Filled
Captain (Sludge Boat) Captain (Sludge Boat) Wards Island, NY 2/8/2018–Until Filled
Industrial Control Technician Computer Specialist (Operations) Queens 2/8/2018–Until Filled
Mate (DEP) 1 Mate (DEP) 1 Wards Island, NY 2/8/2018–Until Filled
Marine Oiler Marine Oiler Wards Island, NY 2/8/2018–Until Filled
Engineering Technician I Engineering Technician I Queens 1/26/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer Assistant Civil Engineer Queens 1/22/2018–Until Filled
Civil Design Lead Administrative Project Manager Queens 1/16/2018–Until Filled
Accountable Manager Administrative Project Manager Queens 1/12/2018–Until Filled
Instrumentation Specialist I Instrumentation Specialist I Queens 1/12/2018–Until Filled
Chief, Water Resource Engineering Administrative Project Manager M3 Queens 1/11/2018–Until Filled
Community Coordinator Community Coordinator Brooklyn 1/11/2018–Until Filled
EHS/CRM Information Systems Manager Computer Systems Manager M1 Queens 1/11/2018–Until Filled
Engineering Technician I Engineering Technician I Brooklyn 1/11/2018–Until Filled
Gardener I Gardener I Brooklyn 1/11/2018–Until Filled
Industrial Hygienist II Industrial Hygienist II Queens 1/11/2018–Until Filled
Seasonal City Park Worker City Park Worker Brooklyn 1/11/2018–Until Filled
Water Resources Modeler City Research Scientist II Queens 1/2/2018–Until Filled
Assistant Counsel Agency Attorney III Queens 12/18/2017–Until Filled
Engineering Technician IV Engineering Technician IV Brooklyn 12/18/2017–Until Filled
Water Use Inspector II Water Use Inspector II Bronx 12/18/2017–Until Filled

For inquiries regarding career opportunities with DEP, please email:

DEP is an equal opportunity employer (Male/Female/Disabled/Veteran) with a strong commitment to the diversity of our organization and workforce.

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