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Water and Sewer Forms Online Permitting System

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The Water and Sewer Permitting System (WSPS) enables registered Licensed Master Plumbers (LMP) to submit and pay for their permit applications, check the status of their permit applications anytime after filing, correspond with DEP reviewers, download work permits, and monitor and manage their Certificate of Inspections (CIS) accounts by adding funds via a credit card payment or check transfer simply by logging onto the system at their convenience, without the need to visit DEP facilities in-person. Additionally, the system provides instantaneous notice by e-mail to the applicant whenever the permit application has been filed and when the status of a permit application has changed. Online permit applications are given priority review and permit are usually available for download within a few business hours of application receipt.

WSPS current functionality includes the following:

  • Repair or Relay (In-Kind) Permit Application for Sewer Connections
  • Permit Application to Install Single/Multiple Premise(s) Sewer House Connection(s) – CIS will be provided online for approved permits.
  • Permit Application to Plug Single/Multiple Premise(s) Sewer House Connection(s)

Water Permit Applications:

  • Repair or Relay (In-Kind) Permit Application for Water Connections.

Tap Card (Self-Certifications):

  • Submit tap Card Form (Self-Certification) to close out Repair or Relay Permits or Water Connections whether the permit was issued through WSPS or at one of the local offices.

For other approvals or permits, please visit the Local Borough Water and Sewer Offices.

Additionally, LMPs who are registered with WSPS, may receive tap card information electronically by email by submitting a Request for Information Form. For more information about how to request tap records please visit

How to Register for WSPS

To register, LMPs must complete, in its entirety, an authentication form (including email and CIS account number). The email address provided on the authentication form will be used for all notifications and correspondence. Additionally, if you do not have a CIS account number, a CIS account will be created. Your CIS account is the only way to pay for WSPS permit applications that have fees. The completed form must be signed and sealed by the Licensed Master Plumber and attested to by a Notary Public. Only original notarized and sealed forms will be accepted. Click the link below to download the authentication form.

You may submit the original, sign, sealed, and notarized Authentication form in the following three ways:

  • By mail: NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Water & Sewer Permitting System (WSPS), ATTN: Registrations, 3rd Floor, Low-Rise, 59-17 Junction Blvd, Flushing, NY 11373
  • In-person at DEP’s Main Office in Queens 9605 Horace Harding Expressway – 3rd Floor. Deposit your form in the 3rd floor drop box located by the security guard in the lobby. Attn: Water and Sewer Permitting System (WSPS)

Please note: WSPS is now integrated with the My DEP Account. However, the registration process for LMPs to use WSPS through this system is different from the registration process for water customers to view and pay their bills online. The registration link on the My DEP Account log-in page is for water customers ONLY. LMPs must following the above registration procedures, to register for WSPS.

Supporting Documentation and Materials for the WSPS

WSPS Online Payment Quick Reference
This presentation provides detailed information on how to manage your CIS account online, including how to enroll, how to make a payment, and how to see your payment history.

Overview of WSPS Phase 2 Changes

This presentation provides a general overview of the changes that were implemented on October 1, 2011.

WSPS User’s Manual

This manual includes detailed information on how to use the WSPS, including system requirements and how to submit, edit, and track a permit application. This manual focuses on the electronic filing for repair and relay permits for water and sewer connections. If you have any comments, suggestions, or edits please contact the WSPS Support Line at 718-595-3088 or

WSPS Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about WSPS. If your question is not available in this document, please send your question to the WSPS support line at 718-595-3088 or

WSPS Video Tutorials

Step-by-step instructions to complete various steps in the WSPS are provided in the following video tutorials.

Video tutorials are in Windows Media Video (WMV) format.

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