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Water & Sewer Forms

DEP is responsible for approving all work related to the City water and sewer infrastructure including construction of private water and sewer mains, connections to the water and sewer system, repair work on the system, and discharges into the sewer system. This section includes general information and detailed application requirements to assist property owners, Professional Engineers and Registered Architects, and plumbers in obtaining required approvals, permits and inspections.

Water and Sewer Online Permitting System (WSPS)
The new Water and Sewer Online Permitting System (WSPS) allows applicants to submit applications and receive approvals (or objections) and permits electronically.
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Request Records
This section provides information on how to obtain DEP water and sewer Records. Please use the Request For Information form to obtain information.
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Learn More about Water and Sewer Approvals
This section provides process explanations, frequently asked questions, and other information for property owners or applicants who are seeking additional information about how to obtain approval for water and sewer connections.
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Download Technical Guidance and Application Materials

Access a range of technical guidance documents and application forms, as well as supplementary documents and templates.


Local Law 96 of NYC - Regarding Vertical Datum
Local Law 96, approved by Mayor Bloomberg in 2013, amends the New York City Administrative Code to establish the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD 88) as the city datum.

In response to the issuance of Local Law 96 and questions from applicants and consultants, DEP has issued the following directive to clarify issues regarding the vertical datum with regards to submissions and construction drawings requiring DEP's review and approval.

Sewer Connections
Private Sewers / Drains
Drainage Proposals and Amended Drainage Plans
Cross-Connection Controls
Water Service Connections / Private Water Mains
Application for a Hydrant Flow Test
Dewatering / Pretreatment / Scavenger
Other Guidelines and Reference Materials
Industrial Waste / Pretreatment Equipment Application (PDF)

Access DEP Rules, Standards and Fee Schedule
This section includes relevant chapters of Title 15 of the Rules of the City of New York and DEP sewer design standards. This section also provides a link to the NYC Water Board Water and Wastewater Rate Schedule.
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