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Water Service Connections / Private
Water Mains

Application for Permit for Tap, Plug, Wet Connection, Repair/Relay of Water Service Line

Visit the DEP Borough Water and Sewer Offices to obtain water and sewer records and for general assistance with water and sewer permitting and approvals.

If installing a tap or wet connection only (yellow form): Must also provide the following:

  • An approved New York City Department of Buildings site plan showing:
    • Plumbing riser diagram showing the required service size;
    • Existing fronting City main, proposed service connection, and the length of the connection; and
    • Schedule B
  • A letter of approval or exemption for a backflow prevention device, if applicable (see Cross-Connection Controls).
  • If connecting to a private or internal water main, provide a consent letter from the private/internal water main owner.

If plugging a tap or wet connection only (white form): Must also provide a notarized affidavit from the property owner

If plugging and installing a new tap or wet connection (blue form): Must also provide the following:

  • A fixture count of the entire property
  • In case of upgrading the size of the tap of the existing fire service, an approved New York City Department of Buildings site plan with plumbing riser diagram showing the new required service size
  • A letter of approval or exemption for a backflow prevention device if applicable (see Cross-Connection Controls)

If conducting a repair / relay of a water service line (pink form): Must also provide a fixture count of the entire property, which is required to determine the proper size of any relayed service line. Please note that while repairs may be performed with emergency permits from the New York City Department of Transportation, a DEP permit is required for all relays. Repairs are not permitted on lead service lines; relay is required in all cases where lead is present. In addition, service connections 5/8" or greater must be plugged and a new tap must be installed that is properly sized for the fixture count.

Tap Card Form

For self-certified work (work not inspected by DEP), the Tap Card Form provides documentation that the permitted work has been completed in accordance with all standards and rules. Currently, all work on domestic service lines that are two inch or less is self- certified. This tap card must be completed by the Licensed Master Plumber authorized to do the work and returned to DEP within 15 days from the permit expiration date. The Tap Card is a requirement of the self-certified permit process and failure to submit this Tap Card may result in the suspension of new permits.

Tap Card Form may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Electronically via the Water and Sewer Permitting System (WSPS): A Tap Card Web form is available for both online permits and paper permits on WSPS. Please note all Tap Card connected to online permits MUST be submitted online as well. For more information on WSPS and how to register please reference the WSPS information page
  • In-Person Delivery: to DEP Borough Record Office

Application for Approval to Build a Private Water Main

This form must be filed by the owner of the proposed private water main to obtain approval from DEP to build a private water main.

Checklist: Items for Pre-Construction Meeting for Private Water Main

A pre-construction meeting is required after a Private Water Main Plan has been approved and before construction can begin. Pre-construction meetings must be scheduled at least 15 days prior to initiating construction. The items in the attached checklist must be brought to the pre-construction meeting.

Missing Owner Private Water Main Affidavit

This affidavit must be submitted when applying for a house connection to a private water main in cases where the owner of the private water main cannot be contacted.

Application for a Hydrant Flow Test

Hydrant flow tests determine the pressure and flow adequacy of the NYC Water Supply System at a specific location. This application must be used to request that a hydrant flow test be conducted by DEP.

Hydrant Permit

Application for a non-premises Hydrant Permit.

Reservoir Levels

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