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Request Records

Record Request Form

The Request for Information form is used to request sewer drainage plans, water maps and sewer interceptor as built drawings. If you wish to receive these records via email, you must complete all required information and email it to Also, if a clear site plan is available it is advised that you attach that to your request. Make sure to provide a description of the work being performed as well as a valid email address in case there are questions pertaining to your request.

DEP is now offering Licensed Master Plumbers (LMPs) who are registered in the Water and Sewer Permitting System (WSPS) the option to also obtain tap card images electronically. The Request for Information form must be completed and emailed to will receive an email response within 24 hours either including an attachment of the tap card image requested or notification that no tap card is available. Requests received after 12 noon will be processed the next business day At this time the tap card service is only available to LMPs who are registered with the WSPS system. If you are an LMP who wishes to register with the WSPS system please click here for more information.

DEP Borough Water and Sewer Offices

At the present time you still need to visit the DEP Borough Water and Sewer Office for copies of sewer house connection cards and sewer as built drawings. You can also visit the Borough Water and Sewer offices for general assistance with water and sewer permitting approvals.

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