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Forms & Permits

DEP Forms & Permits are now organized by category and can be found below.

If you are a business owner interested in learning more about all NYC regulations and permits required to open and operate your business, please visit

Customer Service

Customer Service Forms
The Department of Environmental Protection offers customers many ways to pay their water and sewer bill.
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NYC Environmental Protection

Asbestos Forms
Online forms and filing instructions for abatement activities of asbestos-containing materials and for asbestos certification, as established under the Asbestos Control Program Rules.
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Hazy NYC skyline

Air Code Related Forms /CATS Online Boiler Registration
Link to CATS Online Boiler Registration and index of all Air Code related forms sorted by category and alphabetically.
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Recreational canoeing

Watershed Recreation Forms
In order to responsibly provide recreation access to City property, DEP issues a comprehensive Access Permit that allows for fishing and hiking on certain designated areas in the watershed.
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Construction tools

Water & Sewer Forms
DEP is responsible for approving all work related to the City water and sewer infrastructure including construction of private water and sewer mains, connections to the water and sewer system, repair work on the system, and discharges into the sewer system.
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