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Drainage Proposals and Amended Drainage Plans

Filing Engineers Checklist for the Submission of Drainage Proposals

Visit the DEP Borough Water and Sewer Offices to obtain water and sewer records and for general assistance with water and sewer permitting and approvals.

Checklist for Submission of Amended Drainage Plan

An existing City Drainage Plan may require an amendment if significant changes are proposed to be made to an area (mapping or de-mapping of streets, rezoning, and/or re-routing of sewers). The checklist must be signed and sealed by the applicant and submitted with the Amended Drainage Plan. All Amended Drainage Plans must be prepared by or under the supervision of a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect licensed by the State of New York.

Amended Drainage Plan Templates

This template must be used by a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect when submitting Amended Drainage Plans to DEP. The template is provided in AutoCAD format. The standard paper size for Drainage Plans is “Arch-D” and the standard font is “Sans Serif.” If the Amended Drainage Plan has more than one page, the additional pages must include the title block, north arrow, scale and date prepared.

Hydraulic Computation Worksheet Templates

These worksheets must be used by a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect to develop the hydraulic design computations for an Amended Drainage Plan submission. Separate worksheets are provided for sanitary, stormwater, and combined computations.


Reservoir Levels

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