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Obtaining Water and Sewer Approvals

Glossary of Terms

This glossary of terms includes water and sewer terminology as defined in Chapter 20, 23, and 31 of the Rules of the City of New York (RCNY).

Overview of the Water and Sewer Approval and Permitting Processes COMING SOON!

This is a guide to the water and sewer approval process for new developments, from start to finish. Descriptions of key steps and resulting documentation are provided to assist property owners or applicants who are new to DEP’s processes.

  • Coming Soon!

Overview of Sewer Certification and Sewer Connection Permitting Process

This two-page brochure is an introduction to the steps necessary to be taken when one proposes to connect to the City sewer. It explains how to obtain a sewer certification (DEP approval that the City sewer can accept the proposed discharge) and subsequent sewer connection permit (actual authorization to conduct the connection work) from DEP.

Sewer Certification Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions about the sewer certification processes.


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