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Environmental Reviews

City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) is a process by which city agencies assess, disclose, and mitigate to the greatest extent practicable the significant environmental consequences of their decisions to fund, directly undertake, or approve a project. Typically a project is assessed through preparation of an Environmental Assessment Statement; if the review shows there would be no significant adverse environmental impact from the action a Negative Declaration is issued, while if potential significant adverse environmental impacts are identified a Positive Declaration and an Environmental Impact Statement is required for the project to proceed.

Water Supply and Watershed

In-City Water Supply Resiliency
CEQR No. 15DEP029Q Last updated: 05/12/2017
Water for the Future: Upstate Water Supply Resiliency Project
CEQR No. 15DEP006U Last updated: 01/05/2018
Final Scope for the Modification of the Catalum SPDES Permit Environmental Impact Statement
CEQR No. 14DEC001 Last updated: 03/22/2017
Proposed Expansion of Recreational Boating at Neversink, Pepacton and Schoharie Reservoirs
CEQR No. 12DEP071U Last updated: 03/27/2012
Water for the Future: The Delaware Aqueduct Rondout-West Branch Tunnel Repair Program
CEQR No. 10DEP042U Last updated: 05/18/2012
NYC’s Long-Term Plan in support of Renewal of its FAD for the Catskill/Delaware System
CEQR No. 17DEP012U Last updated: 12/27/2017
The Waterfowl Management Program Final Environmental Impact Statement
CEQR No. 03DEP054U Last updated: 07/27/11
The Croton Filter Plant Project
CEQR No. 98DEP027 Last updated: 04/11/11
The Catskill/Delaware Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Facility
CEQR No. 04DEP050U Last updated: 02/08/11
Gilboa Dam Reconstruction
CEQR No. 07DEP003U Last updated: 02/07/11
Extended New York City Watershed Land Acquisition Program
CEQR No. 10DEP046U Last updated: 10/02/15
The Replacement of the Existing Water Siphons Between Brooklyn and Staten Island
CEQR No. 07DEP008Y Last updated: 10/27/09
Proposed Expansion of Boating at Cannonsville Reservoir
CEQR No. 09DEP047U Last updated: 05/07/09
Rondout-West Branch Tunnel and Shaft Rehabilitation Project
CEQR No. 05DEP042U Last updated: 02/17/09
City Tunnel No. 3, Stage 2 Manhattan Leg Shaft 33B Project
CEQR No. 05DEP010M Last updated: 07/27/07

Stormwater and Harbor Water Quality

Wards Point Infrastructure Improvements
CEQR No. 10DEP024R Last updated: 6/28/12
Flushing Bay Environmental Dredging
CEQR No. 13DEP012Q Last updated: 12/28/12
Minor Modification to the Final Environmental Impact Statement of the South Richmond Watershed Drainage Plans
CEQR No. 01DEP004R Last updated: 04/17/12
Coney Island Infrastructure Improvements
CEQR No. 11DEP045K Last updated: 04/06/12
Green Infrastructure Program
CEQR No. 12DEP054Y Last updated: 05/23/12
Gowanus Canal Environmental Dredging
CEQR No. 11DEP033K Last updated: 02/24/12
Mid-Island Bluebelt Drainage Plan
CEQR No. 07DEP063R Last updated: 11/06/13
Proposed Bay 32nd Street Outfall Project, Bayswater - Edgemere Section of Queens
CEQR No. 10DEP022Q Last updated: 08/04/2011
Beach 88th/94th Street Outfall Project – Arverne Section of Queens
CEQR No. 09DEP041Q Last updated: 10/05/10
Proposed Storm Sewer Outfall Serving Edgemere Section of Queens
CEQR No. 09DEP040Q Last updated: 05/29/09
Hendrix Street Canal Interim Dredging
CEQR No. 07DEP058 Last updated: 02/10/09

Wastewater and Special Projects

Gowanus Canal Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Facilities Project
CEQR No. 17DEP040K Last updated: 02/27/2018
East Branch Aeration
CEQR No. 13DEP010Q Last updated: 12/11/2014
Tallman Island Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade Program
CEQR No. 06DEP009Q Last updated: 06/05/09
Gowanus Facilities Upgrade
CEQR No. 01DEP087 Last updated: 03/03/09
Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant
CEQR No. 05DEP023X Last updated: 01/11/08
Avenue V Pumping Station Environmental Assessment
CEQR No. 98DEP031K Last updated: 07/27/07
Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant Barretto Point Site Remediation
CEQR No. 06DEP035X Last updated: 07/27/07

Regulatory: Rule and Code Changes

The Repeal and Reenactment of the Rules for the Issuance of Revocable Land Use Permits for the Occupancy or Use of City Property
CEQR No. 11DEP046U Last updated: 03/20/12
Standards for Stormwater Release Rates
CEQR No. 08DEP031Y Last updated: 01/02/12
Rules and Regulations for the Recreational Use of Water Supply Lands and Waters
CEQR No. 11DEP005U Last updated: 11/01/10
Rules for the Protection from Contamination, Degradation and Pollution of the New York City Water Supply and its Sources
CEQR No. 04DEP207U Last updated: 10/26/09
Proposed Rule Governing House/Site Connections to the Sewer System:
CEQR No. 04DEP011C Last updated: 03/26/09

Reservoir Levels

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