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New York City Water Saver's Workbook

Do you ever wonder where your water comes from when you turn on your faucet to wash your hands, brush your teeth or take a refreshing drink?

Your water comes from the rain and snow that falls in the mountains far away from New York City -- much too far you to walk in a day. Water travels down the mountains through the rivers, streams and the soil. In some areas it collects in large, deep lakes created to hold water. The lakes are called reservoirs and the land that drains the water into the reservoir is called a watershed. From the reservoirs, large underground pipes, called aqueducts, transport the water to New York City and then to our homes and schools. Along the way, your water is cared for by many people, working very hard to ensure that it is good and safe to drink.

Can you guess how many gallons of water you use every day? If you guessed about 100 gallons, you are correct. Sometimes we waste water. We may keep the faucet running when we're not using it or take very long showers. Most of the time we're careful. We know how important water is for good health and for the health of our planet.

Saving water is easy. What can you do to save water? When you complete these activities, you will become a new member of the New York Junior Drip Patrol.

Click on these fun filled activities for an opportunity to express how much you know and care about water:

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