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Watershed Agricultural Council Remarks

On behalf of the Watershed Agricultural Council, our Executive Director Craig Cashman and our Council of Directors, thank you for inviting us to participate in this historic event. We are humbled and honored to have lent a hand in pulling this together with you.

Your request to trek has rallied the resources, talents and perspectives of numerous agencies, partners, and individuals, proof that when we want to get behind something big, we can come together on common ground. Your trek atop the Catskill Aqueduct is symbolic of the economic development that has been, and continues to be, the cornerstone of Catskill life. It also reinforces the relationship between the City and its residents and our watershed communities, and how we can work successfully together in the years ahead.

Thank you for bringing attention to the character-building foundation of the Boy Scouts of America, the sacrifice of individuals on both sides of the tap—now and in the past, to this incredible engineering feat called the New York City Water Supply System, and above all, for bringing attention to the Champagne of the Catskills, the best tasting water in the world. Water quality, like this trek, takes a team approach, a group effort, and collaborative commitment.

Rob, Keith, David, Fellas—They say small feats define great men. Let this experience direct your path. We hope this is just the beginning of a lifetime dedicated to being Champions of Clean Drinking Water and Stewards of the Catskills’ natural resources.

I look forward to seeing you at the halfway point at Hilltop Hanover Farm and hearing about your adventures and how water has assisted you along the way. Bring your appetite.

On behalf of the Watershed Agricultural Council, our staff and the watershed farm and forest landowners we work with daily to protect water quality, good luck on your journey, safe travels and stay hydrated.