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Artifacts & Acquisition

With more than 700 small hand-dug tests executed, 18 locations were found with Native American artifact concentrations. Tools such as projectile points, metabasalt flakes, quartz, flakes, a Meadowood cache blade, scrapers, bifaces and a multitude of other debitage (the leftover stone fragments from making a tool) were recovered. The types of artifacts found suggest that the area was regularly used by hunting groups as a camp for tool making. The nearby Mine Brook would have provided seasonal resources to harvest and a steady supply of freshwater. Artifacts underwent careful laboratory examination and charcoal was radiocarbon dated to get a better picture of when the property was inhabited.

A technical report was created by Historical Perspective, Inc. detailing the specific location of archaeologically recovered artifacts.

The Historical Society Serving Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, located in Westchester County, is the new home for the recently discovered artifacts.

Acquisition Press Releases
DEP Delivers more than 400 Artifacts to Historical Society of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow
Native American Artifacts Arrive in Tarrytown
Construction Sites in Eastview and Gilboa, New York

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