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2011 Water Resources Art & Poetry Contest Grades 9-12 Citywide Winners for Poetry


Water is present from the atmosphere to the ground.
From evaporation,
To condensation and cloud formation,
To precipitation,
Water reaches the Hudson River, the East River and the Atlantic ocean of NYC
By surface runoff process.
Water is a precious resource
That’s why another name for it, is “life”.
The water cycle is going on until today’s situation,
From the beginning of earth’s foundation.

Water is the most basic essential in our lives;
Water is everywhere near our sight.
Seventy five percent of the world is made up of water.
Without it, earth and its organisms will not be alive.
H2O is found in rivers, canals and lakes—
Aqua is also found in icebergs, oceans and mountains.
Having different names all around the world like - vesi and woda,
H2O is purer in the NYC tap water system.

Bottled water is bad for you, me and us;
Does not even have a refreshing taste and affordable price.
Tap water of NYC is more affordable than bottled water by 1,000 times,
And greener than the bottled water more than 100 times!
The purity of it helps us to maintain a healthy weight
By containing zero calories, zero sugar and zero fat.
Sodium is added to bottled water,
This is not good for those having hypertension.
Fluoride is added to New York City tap water,
You can drink it anytime to get help in dental care.
By drinking tap water instead of bottled water,
We can save our lives, money and the Earth
And save 1.5 million barrels of oil a year;
Enough to power 250,000 homes or 100,000 cars all year.

We need to drink 8 glasses of water everyday—
To make sure we live our life a better way.
Seventy five percent of the human body is made up of water,
Ninety percent of human blood is water as well
Maintaining homeostasis between the body cells.
Water is the primary component of our saliva, sweat, and tears.
It is a superb solvent—
Easily dissolving other substances regularly into it.
This allows water to transport food and oxygen to different cells
And carries wastes out of them.
It controls our blood pressure by balancing our bodies’ electrolytes.
It helps the kidneys flush out toxic substances.
It moistens our mouth, nasal passages, and eyes.
It provides us with many minerals that our body needs.
It helps regulate our body temperature.
See how a mix of hydrogen and oxygen is working as the center of our soul!

Because of water’s high specific heat,
It can keep the earth’s temperature on land or at sea, within limits.
Oceans and seas can absorb and store large amounts of heat coming from the sun
During daytime and summer,
Also during the winter and night time
The gradual cooling of water can warm up the air.

Water is important in our life,
So conserve water by using only the necessary amount during day and night.
Take a shower instead of a bath,
Do not keep water running when brushing your teeth.
Turn off the tap while you wash and soap the dishes,
We’ll have enough water save for our fishes.
Every drop of water in NYC counts—
Helping firefighter in putting out fires
And doctors in doing surgeries in hospitals.
Preserve our natural water —
To save the many kinds of floras and faunas.
Save our earth by reducing the usage of bottled water,
To stop the adding of one billion pounds of to the atmosphere.
We have to conserve water
That can turn into three different phases- solid, liquid and gas,
That runs under the Brooklyn Bridge,
Keeping it as clear as glass

And keep it unique just as the longest suspension bridge in the world!

Udisa, Hillcrest HS, Queens

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On the Preservation of High Bridge

Oh honorable High Bridge!
How little do the thousands
Of busy, bustling, battling
Suburban commuters
Passing under your stone arches
Know of your noble history.

They take you for a train trestle,
But you are like the aqueducts of Ancient Rome.
How many know this creation
Of Jervis and Renwick
Is the oldest surviving bridge
In our fair, historical, city?

Originating in the unpolluted
Rills and gullies of Croton,
Unspoiled aqua pura coursed,
Destined for 42nd Street.
How many know the Library’s land
And Great Lawn once received your waters?

Elevated, vaulted, pipeline
Now a hybrid of stone and steel.
Made from vision and from the labor
Of immigrants seeking our Golden Land.
Perhaps they thought this was the conduit
Of flowing milk and honey.

You brought life sustaining water
To Nineteeth Century New Yorkers,
Ailing from Cholera or yellow fever.
But now, it is our turn to save you.
New Yorkers, let us now preserve
What once had so preserved us.

Dreams of walking over High Bridge
Across the Harlem River
From the Bronx to Washington Heights
Inspired the City and Coalition to try.
Water no longer flows over your arches,
But joyous people will very soon.

Zachary, Horace Mann School, Bronx

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