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2011 Water Resources Art & Poetry Contest Grades 6-8 Citywide Winners for Poetry

Bottled Water Doesn’t Add Up

Need a drink
Fill a glass from the sink
Plastic bottles are a waste
They don’t have a better taste
Water from the sink
Makes a great drink

Eight glasses a day
Your health will stay
Eight bottles a day
You will pay
A dollor or two makes no sense
Filling a glass at the sink is your best defense

Need a drink
Fill a glass from the sink
Plastic bottles in our dump
Piled in heaps and lumps
Look at that place
What a waste of space
Save our earth
Think of its worth

Bottled water doesn’t add up
Go to the sink and fill your cup
Drink it down enjoying the taste
Happy that you did not waste
Need a drink
Fill a glass from the sink

Nicole, Holy Rosary School, Staten Island

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Water Matters

Icy diadems melt
And slide off of trees
And into the New York Reservoir
Who knew that something so precious
Could be wasted repeatedly?

Water roars down shiny white porcelain
This beautiful thing that washes away waste
Who knew that something so beautiful could be
Wasted everyday by millions?

People cleanse their hands with water
And leave it running in the sink
Just one small drip
Can waste twenty gallons of water
So why leave an entire faucet running
And waste something so useful?

We waste it everyday
We think that this water
That we continuously waste
Is ours, only ours
But it belongs to everyone
Animals and humans alike

So next time you wash your hands
Or take a bath or shower
Or do anything with water
Just think: One day, this beautiful liquid
Called water,
Might not be here
And then maybe, just maybe
You’ll turn off that faucet
Or find a way to help
Conserve that precious, precious

Britney, IS 239, Brooklyn

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