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2009 Water Conservation Art and Poetry Contest Winners

Slideshow of Selected Artwork from Borough and Citywide Winners

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Selected Poetry from Borough and Citywide Winners


Slivers of white light drip, and break the surface of the pool of infinite life.
Tears of vitality
Crystal clear, healing, heavenly
I hear a child cry and see the mother let the liquid flow down his throat
Seeping into his veins, to reach his heart

Luminous pearls rest on the tips of the grass
The morning dew awakens me
Settled so peacefully on each delicate blade
The wind whispers and so gracefully, they trickle down to the dirt
Surrounding a seed, continuing the everlasting circle
The wheel lurches forward as life proceeds

My window is fogged, shielding me from the world
I raise my hand to wipe it away, but instead I press my cheek against the cold glass
To sense the vapor on my skin
My pulse quickens at its touch

I can feel it now
As the mist sets on my lips
I can taste it
The sweet steam
It rises up as I breathe in
To smell the purity
I close my eyes and see a river bank
The stream so lucid in this brilliant, white light
Tumbling down from the clouds

I can feel it now…water

Alexandra, 6th Grade, Horace Mann School - Bronx

Water, Water Everywhere

Water, water everywhere,
We must conserve because we care.
We all must chip in and do our job and help the human race,
So let’s do our best to not waste.

Conserving water can be fun,
There are many things that can be done.
Taking short showers is just one.
Don’t run the water for too long when doing tasks,
Otherwise our water won’t last.

Water is our life line.
It keeps our earth alive.
Without water, the human body could not survive.

We need to drink it everyday,
So our brains can think in every way.
So, please, everybody let’s do our part
And help us save and strengthen our hearts.

PS 127 - Brooklyn
5th Grade

Save Water

Save the water
Live life better
Don’t let your sink get wetter
Conserve some water
Make Earth better

Grab a bucket
Fix your pipe
Never leave a leak alone
Send a letter
Make Earth better

When you brush your teeth
Conserve more water
Turn off the sink
Don’t bring up the bill  
Make Earth better

Water evaporates
Then condensates
After it precipitates
Mother Earth would be proud
Make Earth better!!

Bryan, Melissa, and Fernando, 5th Grade, PS 86 - Brooklyn



My water, my water you are
My dearest friend
Agua, mi agua without you, all humanity will end
Water is what I’m made of
And without it I could never be
My water, oh water
What have we done?
We’ve used and polluted you all in the name of fun
Mi agua, mi agua
Help us understand
That we need to conserve you for other generations
My water, mi agua
How did this happen? What can I do?
My water, poor water
Help us learn new ways to conserve you
Mi agua, ah probe aqua
The animals, the fish, the kids, and the parents need you as well
Oh water, mi agua
Please don’t leave us
Without you, mi agua, what will we do.

Cynthia, 5th Grade, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs - Manhattan


Water, Water…..
Drip, Drip………
Turn it off, or take a sip.

Water, Water…..
Passing by….Conserve it’s use…
Before it dries.

Water, Water…..
Who’s to say….

If we don’t protect you,
You’ll be gone one day.

Water, Water…..
We use it to bathe,
Let’s all start to conserve and save.

Water, Water…..
We use to fill our pools….
Let’s stop using it like fools.

We abuse our water to soak our lawns,
And wash our newborn baby borne.

We abuse our water to wash our cars,
And hope there’s water left on mars.

Water, Water…..
You flow through our oceans and waterfalls,
But get wasted at fountains in our malls.

We fill you up in our water bottles….
But “Save Our Water” should be our Motto!

So listen up mothers, fathers, sons and daughters……
Do your part and SAVE OUR WATER!!!!!

Khaliph, 5th Grade, PS 118 - Queens

Waste Me Not

About 8 million people live in New York City
Not doing their part to save water is a pity
The average adult uses about 100 gallons a day
Every drop counts - we all have a role to play

Water is precious - take shorter showers
Use what you don't drink to water the flowers
Taking a shower instead of filling that tub
Could also save water for our garden's shrub

Don't run the water when brushing your teeth
Shortage of water can cause lots of grief
So turn off that tap while you soap that dish
We'll have enough water left for our fish

Wash your car with a bucket instead of a hose
To have enough water to give your Valentine a rose
Make sure that your toilet does not have a leak
So we do not waste water and dry out a creek

Run the washer only when it is completely full
Plant your garden when the temperatures are cool
If you want to be able to keep your throat from getting dry
And quench your thirst when the sun is beating in the sky

Water is necessary for all living things on this Earth
We need it to survive from the day of our birth
Water is special; it is heaven sent
It is our body's most important nutrient

If you recklessly play with the hydrant's cap
There will be nothing running from your tap
Firemen could be left without the help of this water
To help prevent your home from becoming one level shorter

So waste me not by removing the cap to play
Even though children like to run through my spray
Using this water requires permission from the city
And wasting it is a selfish, awful, pity

Demetra and Katerina, 5th Grade, Saint Demetrios of Astoria - Queens


A Pollution Nightmare

A happy little fish
Was swimming in a stream,
He fell asleep beneath a rock
And had an awful dream.

His little stream was poisoned,
With garbage and some junk;
The water was all dirty,
In fact it really stunk!

Toxic chemicals came pouring in,
The water became green.
A dark cloud passed high above,
And down came acid rain.

The little fish was very sad
And he could hardly breathe.
His sadness turned to anger,
And he soon began to seethe.

He jumped out of the water
And loudly he did shout,
“You’ve got to keep the water clean
or else you’ll kill the trout!”

Luckily, he soon awoke
And saw the stream was good.
Please remember water is precious
So treat it as you should.

George, 6th Grade, St. Joseph – St. Thomas – Staten Island


Bottled water is a waste
It doesn’t have a better taste

Tap water is just as refreshing and good
Drinking it doesn't mess up our neighborhood

All the plastic bottles in the environment are bad
Seeing our landfills full of this stuff should make us all sad

When we buy bottled water, the money is not the only price we pay
Our earth pays the price because all of these bottles are here to stay

Sodium is added to bottled water, it’s true
So if you have hypertension or heart problems, it’s not that good for you

Fluoride is added to New York City tap water for sure
So if you have bad dental hygiene, this could be part of your cure

Millions of gallons of fossil fuels are used to make the plastic bottles we use
One billion pounds of CO2 is added to the atmosphere - we all lose

Bottles water costs $1400 a year, if you drink 8 glasses a day
Compared with tap water which costs .49 cents – it’s simply the better way

We need to protect our environment - we all need to do our part
When you drink New York City tap water you are off to a good start

Matthew, 5th Grade, PS 53 – Staten Island

Water Fun Then and Now

Settlers Everywhere Built
Their Towns
Near Water
Rivers And Lakes

Water Falls
All In One Place

People And Children
In The City
Rubbing All Around The Park
Getting Wet
Having Fun
In The Sprinklers Before The Dark.

Zoria, 5th Grade, PS 18 - Bronx

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