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2008 Water Conservation Art and Poetry Contest Winners

Slideshow of Selected Artwork from Borough and Citywide Winners

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Selected Poetry from Borough and Citywide Winners

What I am and what do I do?

I am everywhere
You feel me
You drink me
And when it rains I am in the air
You use me for a multitude of things
Like drinking
Like washing
And bathing
I can turn into many forms
Solid, liquid and gas
I am big,
I am gold, I am clear as glass.
They can also call me aqua, vesi and woda
And I help the rich, and the poor
I am worldwide
I touch all form sky to land
Have you guessed what I am?
A mix of hydrogen and oxygen that is how I am formed.
I am the ice under your skates and the center of your soul.
I am water/H2O

Jennifer and Alyssa
Family Life Academy Charter School
5th Grade



This is Water

To the touch it is cold
The feeling is bold
The clinging to your skin
You can feel it seeping in
The wetness of your hair
The humidity in the air

From the tap so clear
To the salt of your tear
From the ocean, so nice
To the cold winter ice
From the lake, what a dream!
To the cool autumn stream

The molecules will hold
Till the solids from the cold
They might turn into gas
Then back into their liquid mass

From precipitation
To evaporation
To condensation
And back through

The water cycle goes around
Until there is no earth to be found
The need for water grows with time
But for human needs it will always be prime

Plants need watering to thrive
Humans need water to be alive
Animals use water for their home and drinks
Humans can use it to swim, fish, and make ice rinks
We all use water in a different way
For beauty, life, or just play

We take water for granted
With all that it gives
Without water nobody, nothing lives
Clean water is running out fast
We need to conserve it or human life will be the past
People are in need
On fresh water they need to feed
Foundations are teaching us to conserve
And giving the people the fresh water they deserve

We need to help
We need to give
We need water
We need it to live

This is H2O
This is Water!

Fieldston Middle School
6th Grade



Water goes down
But where does it go?

With a splash,
it tumble down the pipes
towards the sewer

deep underground
water passes through screens
and is filtered

off it gurgles
to the treatment plants

into big tanks the water flows
and settles
letting the trash
and sludge
to separate

not clean enough
into another tank
where bacteria
nibbles away at the dirt

but yes there is still more
chloride and hypochloride
both enter
destroying all the germs

the water
from here to the bay it flows

fresh once again.

PS 204
5th Grade


Water - A Precious Resource for People and Wildlife

Glistening and sparkling,
Shimmering, covering the earth,
Replenishing our thirst,
Helping us survive,

Falling from the sky,
Pelting the earth with drops,
Soaking up the heat,
Cleaning away the filth,

Filling the great oceans,
Stretching blue for miles,
Sheltering thousands in its murky depths,
Lapping up against the beaches,

Floating over the ocean,
Freezing to the touch,
Blindingly white,
Towering over the seas,

Cascading through the twisting forest,
Cutting deep into the canyons,
Roaring down the mighty falls,
Flowing serenely through the meadows,

Pulsing through our bodies,
Animating it with life,
Rushing through our veins,
At the heart of everything we do,

IS 239
6th Grade


Falling Water

Drops against the windowpane.
Will it ever cease to rain?
Water reaches the icy stream.
Water, with a tinted sheen.
Water, what we need to live.
Water, what we need.
All this I think as rain
Drops against the windowpane.
The rain goes steady, drip, drip, drip.
It’s what the dolphin needs to flip.
It’s what the sparrow needs to sing.
We all need it, everything.
Water must be saved for life.
When the rain ceases to come
Out comes the brilliant sun.
Water dries after the rain
As sunlight hits the windowpane.

Miranda and Eva
PS 187
4th Grade


Water and Me

Some people waste me,
And throw me down the drain.
While others love me,
By drinking me or dancing in the rain.

What do I do when
I go down the drain?
I head to the sewers,
A water treatment takes my remains.

I go through a mixer.
With sedimentation too.
Coagulation and flocculation
Where I am filtered just for you.

So the next time you turn on your faucet,
I’ll come rushing out.
Remember to use less of me
There’s not enough to go about.

As you have noticed,
I am reused day by day.
By adults and small children,
Water is the name to say.

PS 38
5th Grade


Be Brave and Save

Garbage in the rivers,
Pollution in the streams,
We are ruining our water supply,
And all our future dreams.

We need to band together,
We need to join the fight,
We need to save our water supply
To make the world right.

Shorten out showers,
Close the faucet tight,
We need to tell the world,
We need to show them light.

It must come to an end,
It truly must stop.
We need to stop polluting,
Not even a single drop.

St. Joseph – St. Thomas
5th Grade


The Water

I saw you rowing the boat at the sea
And rain down on my friends and me
I heard you hit the ground
Oh water, falling all day long
Beating down like a song.

I saw everything you did
You are playful like a kid
I felt you coming down on me
I heard you falling on the tree
Oh water, falling all day long
like a song.

Oh, water that is big and bold
I think that you are very old
Are you a girl or a boy?
Do you think the world is your toy?
Oh water, falling all day long
Boating down like song.

Immaculate Conception School
5th Grade


Millions of Gallons to Save

The Earth is covered in water,
But fresh bodies make up only one percent.
And if we do not conserve them
The water soon will be spent.

One thousand sixty-eight million gallons,
Is used in New York City every day.
If that number doesn't get smaller
The amount of fresh water may.

Fresh Water is important
For each and everyone.
Here are some ideas
That help to conserve some.

In the bathroom, take shorter showers
And don't let the water run.
Install water saving fixtures.
Now your job has just begun.

In the kitchen, you don't need to stick
Dirty dishes in a constant running flow.
Put the water in a basin
The grease will come off easier.
That you should know!

In the laundry, clothes like company
While they spin and tumble in the wash.
Make sure the machine is full
So when you turn it on there are clothes to toss.

Leaky faucets must be fixed.
Fire hydrants should be closed.
If you follow this advice.
More fresh water is what you have chosen.

Home Schooled (Bronx River Art Center)
6th Grade


Drip Drop

Drip drop, drip drop
We use water a lot,
We must be careful not to waste
Water when we use toothpaste
Water is a precious gift
It allows the boat to drift.
Water cools us down when we’re hot,
And it helps the flowers in the pot.
Water‘s hot, water’s cold
Let us drink ‘til we are old.
Water’s good, water’s fresh
Let’s be sure to waste it less.
Drip drop, drip drop,
We think that water rocks!

St. Agatha School
4th Grade