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DEP Projects

Gowanus Canal Watershed/Waterbody Facility Plan
The Gowanus Canal Watershed/Waterbody Facility Plan is the first phase of developing a Long Term Control Plan for this waterbody. This Plan assesses the ability of the existing New York City CSO Facility Plan for the Gowanus Canal to provide compliance with existing water quality standards. Implementation of the Plan is expected to reduce CSO discharges to the Gowanus Canal, which will eliminate odors, greatly reduce floatables, and improve dissolved oxygen concentrations to meet the existing water quality standards.
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July 14, 2009 DEC Letter of Approval for DEP’s Gowanus Canal Waterbody/Watershed Facility Plan (PDF)
Final DEC-Approved Watershed/Waterbody Facility Plan for the Gowanus Canal (PDF)

The Croton Water Filtration Plant Project
DEP has opened a Community Office on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx in conjunction with beginning construction on the Croton Filter Plant. The Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, which identified Mosholu Golf Course, located in Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx County, as the preferred site for the filter plant, is also available online in its entirety.
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Quarterly Notices for Consumers
Map of the Croton Watershed
Community Office
White Paper on Why New York City Needs a Filtered Croton Supply
DEP, Bronx Community College Salute Project H.I.R.E. Students

West-of-Hudson Hydroelectric Project

West-of-Hudson Hydroelectric Project
DEP has prepared and submitted a preliminary permit application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to study the development of hydroelectric power generation at four of its reservoirs in the Delaware and Catskill watersheds.
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Big Egg Marsh in Jamaica Bay

Jamaica Bay Watershed Protection Plan
On July 20, 2005, Mayor Bloomberg signed a City Council bill requiring the DEP to create a watershed protection plan for the watershed/sewershed of Jamaica Bay. The legislation established a pathway towards restoring and maintaining the water quality and ecological integrity of the Bay by evaluating threats to the Bay and coordinating environmental remediation and protection efforts in a focused and cost-effective manner. In addition, DEP was required to create a plan advisory committee to provide advice and recommendations the final watershed protection plan.
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State of the Bay Scientific Symposium

NYC DEP Climate Change Program

The NYC DEP Climate Change Program Assessment and Action Plan
Based on the ongoing work of the DEP Climate Change Task Force. Learn how DEP has begun to implement many programs that address global climate change and its projected impacts on New York City's drinking water delivery, stormwater management and wastewater treatment systems.
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The Staten Island Bluebelt: A Natural Solution to Storm Water Management
The Staten Island Bluebelt provides ecologically-sound and cost-effective storm water management for the South Richmond area of Staten Island. The project preserves streams, ponds and other wetland areas – called Bluebelts – allowing them to perform their natural functions of conveying, storing, and filtering storm water. In addition, the Bluebelts also provide important community open spaces and diverse wildlife habitats.
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Gilboa Dam Stabilization Project Completed
Commissioner Emily Lloyd was in Gilboa on December 14 to mark the end of the Gilboa Dam stabilization project. In the span of one year, the DEP completed a $24 million project to make the dam safe by installing 80 anchoring cables that pin the dam down to the bedrock below. A $300 million full-scale reconstruction of the dam will begin in 2008. That project will add up to 12 feet of mass to the dam, reconstruct the spillway and dam face, install a new diversion tunnel around the dam from the Schoharie Reservoir into Schoharie Creek, and construct a floodgate at the top of the dam that will allow for quick releases of water in order to help control flooding downstream.

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City to Implement Reservoir Spill Control at Gilboa Dam

Brooklyn-Queens Aquifer Feasibility Study

Brooklyn-Queens Aquifer Feasibility Study
DEP is conducting the Brooklyn-Queens Aquifer Feasibility Study to investigate the viability of using groundwater from Jamaica aquifers to supplement the drinking water and simultaneously reducing flooding in Southeastern Queens. The study also involves groundwater cleanup of the West Side Corporation, a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Class 2 hazardous waste disposal site.
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