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Biosolids and Pollution Prevention Citizens Advisory Committee

The Biosolids and Pollution Prevention Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC-PP) is a voluntary group of private citizens, public interest groups, industry and business representatives working with DEP to improve the environment of New York City. Our focus is exchanging ideas on how to reduce the amount of heavy metals and other pollutants discharged into our area’s waterways and to make the most beneficial, economic and environmentally sound use of New York City’s biosolids.

The CAC-PP meets regularly with representatives of DEP’s Bureau of Wastewater Treatment. Meetings focus on a review of the Bureau’s current initiatives, suggestions on anti-pollution strategies and informational discussions on a wide range of related issues.

Since its inception, the CAC-PP has followed a motto of being “pro-business and anti-pollution.” It encourages DEP to work cooperatively with businesses and industry associations to develop best management practices and other proactive approaches that reduce pollution with a reduced need for traditional checking and enforcement efforts. The goal is to reduce the economic impact that environmental regulations have on businesses who are cooperatively working to be at, or above, levels of regulatory compliance. Concurrently, citizens actively support DEP to take strict and significant steps against individuals and businesses who are purposely violating environmental laws or who are in violation through negligence or a lack of concern for their regulatory obligations.

Anyone interested in working with us to improve New York City’s water ways is encouraged to attend. For information, please call 718-595-4708.

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