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How You Are Billed

New York City properties are assessed for water and sewer services based upon the amount of water consumed between the prior and current meter readings. Water meters are read in cubic feet (1 cubic foot = 7.48 gallons). DEP bills in hundred cubic foot (HCF) units 1 HCF = 748 gallons. Properties are billed at how many HCF units are consumed at the current water rate.

Citywide installation of automated meter readers is part of a three-year DEP initiative that began in late January 2009 to make your water bill more accurate. AMR largely eliminates estimated reads, saves money and eliminates the need for meter readers to visit your property. AMR also allows customers to view their daily water consumption online.

Late Charges

Late Payment Charges are assessed on all Delinquent Charges, Fees, Dishonored Payment Charges, as well as prior Late Payment Charges. Late Payment Charges are calculated by multiplying all delinquent charges then outstanding by the allocable portion of the annual interest rate established by the City Council following a recommendation from the Banking Commission for unpaid real estate taxes on properties where the assessed value is $80,000 or less and the property is not vacant land. As of the date of adoption of this Rate Schedule, this annual rate is 6%, subject to change.

Water and Sewer Exemption

Certain qualifying organizations may be entitled to an exemption* from water and sewer charges. Eligibility is dependent on several factors and interested parties should review and complete the required sections as indicated in the Application for Exemption from Water and Sewer Charges (accessible by using the link below). Please read the General Instructions carefully (pages 1 through 4), complete and return the Required Documentation Checklist (page 5), and complete, notarize, and return the Application (pages 6 and 7). All supporting documentation and required forms must be mailed or delivered to the address provided in the General Instructions on the form.

*Consumption less than 9,493 CCF per year will result in a full exemption of water and sewer charges for the property. If consumption is between 9,494 and 19,053 CCF, the property will receive a partial exemption and charges for the property will be billed at ‘one half’ the total consumption. If consumption exceeds 19,053 CCF per year, the property will receive no reduction and will be billed at the full rate for the total consumption.

Customer Account Information and Complaint Resolution

For information on receiving an explanation for water or sewer charges, filing a complaint, appeals, and late payments, please read:

Water Board Policies

Public Information Regarding Water and Wastewater Rates (Blue Book)

The New York City Water Board has prepared an information booklet to acquaint the public with its rate and billing policy and regulatory proposals and with the financial condition of the water and wastewater system and its budget for the upcoming year.

Regulations Governing the Discontinuance of Water Supply and/or Sewer Service Because of Nonpayment

These regulations, authorized by Sections 1045-h(8) and 1045-j(5) of the New York Public Authorities Law, allow the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to terminate water and sewer services to customers because of nonpayment of charges imposed by the New York City Water Board. These regulations define when DEP may terminate services and the requirements DEP must follow. They also specify the procedures for customers to follow to avoid service termination by making payment of delinquent charges or entering into an installment agreement.

Water Board Policy Resolutions

The Water Board from time to time adopts resolutions which implement specific billing programs or modify previously approved billing programs or policies.

New Payment Options
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