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Customer Account Information

Customer Registration Form

When a property is transferred, DEP must be notified of the transfer of ownership so that water and sewer bills may be charged to the appropriate person.

To transfer registration, fill out this application and send it to DEP at the address listed on the form (**Please note, to facilitate completing the form, you can fill out the form fields directly in the Adobe Acrobat Reader and print out the result):


Refund and Transfer of Credit Application

This form should be used by customers who would like a refund of payments made to the City for water and sewer charges due to the following reasons: double payments, cancellation of overestimated bills and re-billings, overpayment, final billings, reimbursement for metering under the Reimbursable Metering Program and exemptions from water and sewer charges.

To apply for a refund or transfer of credit, print out this application, fill it out and send it to DEP at the address listed on the form:


Water and Sewer Exemption

Here is general information of what is required to apply for an exemption from water and sewer charges with the DEP. There is an application that must be filled out and submitted to the DEP for processing. Along with the application is a required documents checklist to help in knowing what documents to submit with your application.


Election of Metered Billing Form for Multifamily Properties with Six of More Residential Units

This form is for multifamily dwellings, with six or more units, who wish to immediately be placed on metered billing.

To do so, please print out the application below, fill it out and send it to DEP at the fax number or address listed on the form.


New Payment Options
Water Charges

Reservoir Levels

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