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Property Management & Trade Professionals

Large Water Meter Installations and Repair Work

The maintenance of our water meters is one of the most important parts of ensuring the highest level of water and wastewater services to our customers. DEP has begun contacting customers to schedule an appointment to have their meter installed, repaired, or replaced. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help property owners and managers understand what this means.

Multi-Family Conservation Program

The Multi-Family Conservation Program (MCP) provides qualified multiple-family housing of four or more Dwelling Units with billing based on a fixed charge per unit in lieu of billing based on metered charges. The program objective is to promote water conservation in multiple-family housing, while giving Customers control over their water and wastewater costs. At the discretion of the Commissioner, buildings with substantial increases in water consumption caused by unaddressed leaks or waste may be expelled from the program.

MCP Program Guidelines

MCP Program guidelines can be found in Part IV, Section 2 of the Water and Wastewater Rate Schedule (PDF) effective as of July 1, 2018.

Where applicable, MCP properties will be billed for services provided after July 1, 2018 at an annual charge of $1,028.53 per Dwelling Unit, $846.77 per Low-use Commercial Unit, and $291.65 per Boarder, Roomer, or Lodger Unit. These rates include both water and sewer charges.

The MCP requires participants to implement certain conservation measures in order to remain on flat-rate billing. Properties must have an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) compatible contemporary meter and an AMR device installed, and high-efficiency water-using fixtures installed in 70% of all units. Toilets installed as a part of DEP’s original 1994 to 1997 Toilet Rebate Program will count towards this requirement. After December 31, 2018, properties failing to meet these requirements will be assessed an Additional Charge for failing to comply, as described in Part IV, Section G of the Water and Wastewater Rate Schedule, effective as of July 1, 2018.

Applying to the Multi-family Conservation Program

Customers currently billed on metered charged can apply to have qualified buildings enrolled in the MCP. Please note that neither DEP nor the Water Board makes any claim with regard to whether meter-based billing or the MCP will produce the lowest charge for a Customer. Neither DEP nor the Water Board will be liable for any financial loss incurred by a Customer’s choice.

To apply to the Program, print out the application and reference the documents below, fill out the application form and send it to DEP at the address listed on the form:

Complying with the Multi-family Conservation Program

New York City Department of Environmental Protection has added a new feature to help building managers and homeowners to determine if their property has complied with the MCP requirements. Customers will be able to search for their property’s MCP compliance status by borough, block and lot or service address through this website.

Please click here to determine if your property has complied with the MCP requirements.

Property Management

Water Conservation Tips

New York City Department of Environmental Protection has put together a presentation to help building managers, superintendents, home owners and the public learn more about how to conserve water.

Letter of Authorization

A letter of authorization is required for a third party to conduct certain types of business with DEP. All letters should be mailed to:

Letter of Authorization
DEP/Bureau of Customer Services
59-17 Junction Blvd 7th Floor
Flushing, NY 11373-9055

The Reimbursable Metering Program

Private meter installation with reimbursement is designed to provide owners of residential properties the opportunity to have their water meters installed by a Licensed Master Plumber of their own choosing. It also provides all property owners, both residential and commercial, with the ability to use their own licensed plumber to replace existing "entire premise" ("EP") meters that are no longer functioning properly.

This alternative is provided because the New York City Water Board and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recognize that metering can be a mechanically difficult task in some cases, that it may need to be coordinated with other work in the building and/or that you may prefer to have your own plumber perform this work prior to the City contracting to have meters installed or replaced in your building or home. If you choose to have your own plumber meter your building, you will be reimbursed in the form of a credit on future water and sewer bills.

To learn all about private installation and replacement installation with reimbursement, including the Reimbursement Schedule and maximum reimbursement amounts, read the:

Application for Separate Commercial Meter Billing

This is an application for owners who previously had a separate meter for a commercial tenant but that meter has been superseded by an "entire premises" meter. If the owner qualifies through this application he will be able to hire a licensed plumber to perform work to install a new meter for the commercial tenant. That new meter, along with the existing "entire premises" meter will together cover the entire property and both will be billed by DEP.

To apply for a separate commercial meter, print out this application, fill it out and send or deliver it to DEP:

Guidelines for Individual Metering of Certain Low-Rise Condos

DEP rules allow certain condominiums as tall as six stories with individual hot water and space heating systems in each unit to install meters for each condo unit.  These Guidelines provide a step-by-step process for such applications.

Trade Professionals - Engineers, Plumbers, Building Managers, etc.

List of Approved Water Meters and Related Equipment

For the approved list of meters and related equipment, read the following:

Water Meter Permit (For Licensed Plumbers)

The application is intended for a licensed plumber who is installing, replacing, relocating or repairing a water meter.

To apply for a water meter permit, print out this application, fill it out and send or deliver it to DEP:

Water Meter Reading with BMS - Technical Note

In response to a number of inquiries concerning methods of reading water meters through various types of building energy or facility automation systems the Universal Metering/Technical Services Division of DEP's Bureau of Customer Services has produced the following Technical Note. This note will be revised regularly since advances are being made in this field on a regular basis:

Guide to Water Submeters - Technical Note

This Guide provides technical background for design professionals, licensed plumbers and energy/water professionals wishing to comply with Council Intro 0268-2010 that requires the use of water submeters in new or substantially renovated non-residential construction.

Water Meter Notes: Flood Zone Properties

Specifications for water meter installation and placement for properties built or renovated within Flood Zones.

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