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Long Term Control Plan

Reducing Combined Sewer Overflows in NYC

Water Quality Planning Process for Local Waterways

On March 8, 2012, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and DEP signed a groundbreaking agreement to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) using a hybrid green and gray infrastructure approach. As part of this agreement, DEP will develop 10 waterbody-specific LTCPs plus 1 citywide LTCP to reduce CSOs and improve water quality in NYC’s waterbodies and waterways. The goal of each LTCP is to identify appropriate CSO controls necessary to achieve waterbody-specific water quality standards, consistent with the Federal CSO Policy and the water quality goals of the Clean Water Act (CWA).

To learn more about the City’s Long Term Control Plans and efforts to improve water quality, download the LTCP Brochure:

CSO Consent Order Documents

2017 Quarterly Reports:

2017 Update

On March 3rd 2017, NYC DEP was notified that NYS DEC had approved five of the eight LTCP plans that DEP has submitted—Hutchinson River, Bronx River, Flushing Creek, Flushing Bay, and Alley Creek/Little Neck Bay. DEC also approved the Gowanus LTCP on March 29th, 2017 and the Westchester Creek LTCP on August 1st 2017. However, in some cases NYS DEC added a number of items to the LTCPs that were not part of the submittals and have not undergone public review. In certain cases, these additions will significantly lengthen the amount of time required to complete the projects, something that was not taken into account in the approved LTCPs. NYC DEP is committed to protecting public health and the environment and will continue to review the approved plans and consult further with NYS DEC to ensure we have both robust and achievable LTCPs. We look forward to updating the public on the full LTCP program at our next Citywide public meeting. To receive email updates about this meeting and DEP’s other stormwater management programs email to join our Stormwater Advisory Group listserv.

To review DEC’s Approvals of the Long-Term Control Plans and relevant correspondence between New York State and New York City visit NYSDEC’s website on the New York City CSO Program.

Learn more about the LTCP process and DEP’s CSO program:

Read the LTCP Goal Statement:

LTCP Public Participation Plan

The LTCP Public Participation Plan describes the methods DEP will utilize to raise awareness about, foster understanding of and encourage input on the development of waterbody-specific and citywide LTCPs.

NYC Green Infrastructure Program

The 2012 CSO Consent Order outlines, among other things, a roadmap for the implementation of green infrastructure throughout the combined sewer areas of the City. The goal is to manage stormwater runoff and reduce combined sewer overflows, thereby improving water quality and promoting sustainability.

To review Green Infrastructure related Consent Order Submittals visit Green Infrastructure Plan and Reports.

LTCP Citywide Meetings

Please visit the LTCP Citywide Meetings Homepage for meeting summaries, presentations, agendas, informational handouts and more!

Citywide LTCP Related Reports

LTCP Feedback

If you wish to submit comments or suggestions on the Long Term Control Plan, please email them to

If you wish to sign up to receive LTCP Program announcements, please click here and include your name and contact information in the body of the email.

NYC Waterbody Advisory Program

Click the below link to launch DEP’s real-time NYC Waterbody Advisory Program:

Read the original Order on Consent executed between DEC and DEP

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