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The Community Right-to-Know Program

Tier II Filing

The Community Right-To-Know (RTK) Program has Tier II Online Filing System to allow facilities to electronically submit their Annual, Revision or Updated Submission. Please click on Tier II Filing System to register or to sign in to complete filing the annual Facility Inventory Forms (FIF).

To file the FIF electronically, each facility is required to register online to obtain a user account. Facilities that have already obtained their own passwords do not need to register again. If you have filed a hard copy FIF previously, you must register as an Existing Facility and enter your Facility ID number in the registration form. After you have registered, you will receive an email with the Facility ID number and the link to view the Password, validate the user account by entering the registered name, answer the security question and officially certify the document. After the facility’s user account is activated, authorized users will be able to access facility inventory information that has been transferred into the Tier II Filing System.

If you are an existing facility, you can then access your previously reported data. If you are a new facility, you can input your new data.

Please note - Only the owner, operator, manager or corporate officer is authorized to file online.

For those filing for multiple facilities, you can apply to have one username and password to access these facilities. For more information, please call (718) 595-4659 between 9am and 5pm

Why Should I File Online?

Tier II Filing Tutorials

Compliance Package

DEP has compiled the following information to aid facilities:


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