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Request for Proposals

New York City Environmental Protection has decided not to renew its Prequalification Lists (PQL’s); all Request for Proposals (“RFP”) in the near future will be “open,” or available to any firm which chooses to download the RFP from the City Record Online. You may want to confirm your firm is currently on the Citywide Bidders List in order to receive notice of any future availability of these RFP’s. Should DEP decide in the future to once again establish PQL’s, an advertisement will be placed in the City Record.

DEP’s open RFPs (RFPs for the general public) are published in the City Record and posted on the City Record Website.

Published: RFP: Due Date:
4/19/2018 KENS-EAST-SSWM: Design and Design Services During Construction Services for Shoreline Stabilization and Wetland and Natural Resource Mitigation in Support of the Kensico-Eastview Connection Project - PIN# 82618W000176 5/31/2018

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection is seeking a Consultant to provide design and design services during construction for shoreline stabilization and wetland and natural resource mitigation in support of the Kensico-Eastview Connection Project (“the Project”).

Published: RFP: Due Date:
3/14/2018 BEPA-RIPAS: Rezoning Infrastructure Planning and Analysis Support Contract Description of Services - PIN# 82617BEPARPS 4/23/2018

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection is seeking support services to help the Department understand demand on the sewers because of rezoning actions undertaken by both the City and private applicants.

Published: RFP: Due Date:
3/12/2018 1486-ENG: DEP Energy Plan - PIN# 826181486ENG 4/19/2018

Description of Services: The NYC Department of Environmental Protection is seeking a cross-disciplinary Consultant team to assist in development of a comprehensive Energy Plan for the Agency. The consultant will evaluate, organize and prioritize work completed to date pertaining to energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, progress facility plans and conceptual designs, conduct additional research and analysis, and identify demonstration projects.

Published: RFP: Due Date:
2/16/2018 CAT-480: On Call Design Services - PIN# 82617WS00020 3/21/2018

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to solicit proposals from qualified firms to design and reconstruct facilities located both east and west of the Hudson River.

Minimum Qualifications: Proposers must be authorized to practice engineering in the State of New York. A copy of the proposer`s “Certificate of Authorization” must be included with the proposal. Proposals that fail to include the “Certificate of Authorization” may be deemed Non-Responsive. Proposers must also submit proof of licensure for those key personnel practicing engineering in the State of New York. Key Personnel include: Project Director, Deputy Project Director, Project Manager and lead roles; Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Chemical and Environmental Engineers and Architects.

Pre-Proposal Conference: March 01, 2018 at 10:30AM. NYC DEP, 465 Columbus Avenue, Valhalla NY 10595, Sutton Park, 2nd Floor Training Room

Attendance to the Pre-Proposal Conference is not mandatory but recommended. Please limit attendance to no more than two (2) representatives from each firm to attend.

Last day to submit questions regarding this RFP will be no later than close of business day on March 10, 2018. All questions are to be submitted to

The M/WBE Total Participation Goal for this contract is thirty percent (30 percent).

Published: G2G: Due Date:
2/15/2018 CAT-476: Interns for FAD Related Environmental Research Services - Government to Government - PIN# 82618T0002 3/8/2018

DEP intends to enter into a Government to Government agreement with Ulster County Community College for CAT-476 to provide interns for FAD related environmental research services. Ulster County Community College has proven that they have the experience in providing capable interns to perform the describe work within multiple programs. These interns gain and provide invaluable experience in field, office and laboratory research activities under the supervision of a DEP Project Manager.

Published: RFP: Due Date:
1/31/2018 PS-DES 1-5: Design and Design Services During Construction for the Upgrade of Various DEP Pumping Stations
 - PIN# 82618WP01431

The DEP seeks consultants to provide design and design services during construction for the upgrade of fifteen New York City Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) pumping stations. DEP intends to award five (5) contracts to support the reconstruction/rehabilitation of the Pumping Stations.

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