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Hospitality Industry Guide to Environmental Compliance in New York City

This guide has information and guidance for the hospitality industry on certain areas that the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) oversees.

All businesses need water and safe sanitary systems. Our shared environment in New York is affected by how businesses are run with respect to the noises we create and the air we breathe. Together we can work to strike a balance of all of these factors to build a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous city.

The New York City Noise Code contains many sections that apply to restaurants, hotels, and other food service and nightlife establishments.
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Air Pollution
The Air Code prohibits the emission of odorous air contaminants that can be harmful or become a nuisance to any person.
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New York is extremely fortunate to have one of the most reliable and cleanest drinking water systems in the world. Drinking water is protected from the moment the rain falls to earth until it reaches your tap.
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Grease Interceptors
If you cook, serve food, and/or wash dishes, utensils, trays, or other items at your establishment, you are required to install and maintain proper grease interceptors, also known as “grease traps.”
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Cross-Connection Control Program
Our “Cross-Connection Control Program” is a key component for protecting the City’s water supply and providing the high quality of water needed for your food preparation and hospitality business.
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