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Hospitality Industry Guide to Environmental Compliance in New York City

Cross-Connection Control Program

Installation of Backflow Prevention Devices

DEP is responsible for providing a safe drinking water supply to nearly nine million NYC and upstate residents. The City’s water quality monitoring program includes extensive water sampling at about 1,000 fixed stations throughout the five boroughs.

Our “Cross-Connection Control Program” is a key component for protecting the City’s water supply and providing the high quality of water needed for your food preparation and hospitality business.

Owners of properties that pose an actual or potential risk of contaminating the City’s water supply must install approved Backflow Prevention Devices (BPDs) on all water service lines that supply their buildings. These devices prevent contaminating liquids, like wastewater and/or chemicals, from flowing back into the public water supply if there is a sudden change in water pressure. Backflow Prevention Devices are mandated by the New York State Health Code and by City’s rules. 

Please follow the steps here to comply with the law and help ensure the City’s water supply is safe for drinking, cooking, and all culinary/food prep activities.

Please also view our business “how-to” video to learn more about Backflow Prevention Devices.

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