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Economic Development Unit

Working with and for the New York City business community

What is EDU?

EDU is the Economic Development Unit of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Environmental Compliance (BEC). EDU’s mission is to foster the joint goals of economic development and environmental protection by offering compliance and technical assistance to New York City industrial and commercial establishments and promoting environmentally sound business practices.

EDU’s five core programs include:

  • Compliance Assistance
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Green Business Development
  • Financial Referrals
  • Regulatory Reform

EDU establishes and maintains close working relationships with individual businesses, professional industrial and commercial support organizations, business service providers such as Local Development Corporations (LDCs), Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations (EDCs), Merchant Associations, environmental organizations, and federal, state, and local government agencies.

What services does EDU provide?

Compliance (Regulatory) Assistance

EDU provides businesses with updated information on environmental rules and regulations. Compliance Assistance is industry-specific and includes information on applications for registration and certification; hazardous substance reporting requirements and associated fee schedules; air and noise regulations; waste disposal; and environmental liability issues. EDU helps businesses to avoid incurring violations

Pollution Prevention (P2) Program

The P2 assistance program encourages businesses to avoid production practices that create air pollutant emissions and waste. Through the P2 program businesses learn why adopting environmentally responsible production practices can significantly reduce costs associated with operations and compliance. EDU conducts and coordinates industry-specific P2 workshops for businesses and business service providers.

Green Business Development

EDU works with businesses that will have direct positive impacts on the environment. EDU also assists green businesses identify customer bases and financial resources. Green businesses use or produce biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable products and materials. Recycling companies, wet cleaners, alternative fuel automobile manufacturers and dealers, compost construction companies, and nurseries are some examples of green businesses.

Financial Referrals

EDU coordinates efforts with business service providers, public agencies and private institutions to find sources of financial aid for regulatory compliance and pollution prevention. Financial assistance comes in the form of grants, loans, and business incentive programs.

Regulatory Reform

EDU identifies and makes recommendations for modifications to New York City environmental laws. This initiative helps ensure that local businesses are not unduly burdened by obsolete, inapplicable, overlapping, or ambiguous compliance requirements. All proposals for modifications support DEP’s commitments to resource conservation, pollution prevention, and the regulation of activities that impact the environment.

How to reach us?

If your business must comply with local, state or federal environmental regulations, and you have questions about approvals, permits or certificates, or are interested in our technical assistance program, you can contact the Economic Development Unit (EDU) by calling the non-emergency Government Services and Information telephone number:

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