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Air Monitoring in Lower Manhattan

Site # Date Location Sampled PCM Results (f/cc) TEMS Results (s/sq. mm)
26 9/17/01 LIBERTY ST. & BROADWAY 0.062 Overload*
26 9/16/01 LIBERTY ST. & BROADWAY 0.010 Overload*
26 9/15/01 LIBERTY ST. & BROADWAY 0.008 Overload*

PCM = phase contrast microscopy
f/cc = fibers per cubic centimeter
LOQ = Limit of Quantification
TEM = transmission electron microscopy
s/sq. mm = structures per square millimeter
Overload = Indicates that the sampling filter was clogged and the sample could not be read with laboratory analysis.
* - This data was inadvertently omitted from the original posting. It was subsequently posted on 11/20/06.

The information contained in this database should be considered provisional and may be subject to adjustment upon final analysis.

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Reservoir Levels

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