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Emissions from Building and Construction

Emissions from buildings and construction are a substantial source of air pollution in New York City.  As our city continues to grow we need to make certain that the buildings we build and live in are operating in ways that support our quality of life.

Dry Cleaning Information
DEP currently requires dry cleaners to post a notice that informs the public of the use of the chemical perchloroethylene (perc) in the dry cleaning process.
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Heating Oil
New Yorkers burn more than 1 billion gallons of heating oil every year which accounts for nearly 14% of fine particulate matter pollutants emitted into our air; more PM2.5 emissions than all cars and trucks in the city combined. This particulate matter contains many pollutants that are associated with respiratory and cardiac diseases.
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Compliance Agreement Form (PDF)
LL 43 (PDF)
Interpretive Memo (PDF)

Construction Dust & Debris
Dust and debris from construction can become airborne and exacerbate respiratory illnesses and cause damage to surrounding property. DEP oversees dust control and has issued rules to prevent dust emissions from construction related activities.
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