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Construction Dust & Debris

Dust and debris from construction can become airborne and exacerbate respiratory illnesses and cause damage to surrounding property. DEP oversees dust control and has issued rules to prevent dust emissions from construction related activities. Find more information below:

Construction Dust Rules

DEP promulgated best management practices to control the emission of dust from construction related activities. Section 24-146(c) of the New York City Administrative Code states, in summary, that no person shall cause or permit a building or road to be constructed without taking such cautions as may be ordered by the commissioner to prevent particulate matter from becoming airborne. Subsection (f) of the Code states that demolition by toppling of walls shall not occur except when approved by the commissioner. Read together, the two sections of the Code require the commissioner of DEP to promulgate rules to control dust during construction or demolition.

Dust Plan Mitigation Form

All persons constructing or operating a large article, machine, device, equipment, such as a rock crusher, or other contrivance or facility capable of causing or permitting emission of dust into the atmosphere at a construction site shall keep on site a document detailing such equipment . Information provided on this document shall include the ownership, location, design, make and model, operation, i.e. how does it operate, as well as any other pertinent information requested by the Department. In addition, the measures utilized to reduce dust emissions resulting from the use of these items as set forth in 15 RCNY 13-01 et seq. shall be clearly outlined. This document shall be attached as an addendum sheet to the Noise Mitigation Plan prepared pursuant to Section 24-220 of the Noise Code.

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