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2012 Progress Report

The 2012 Progress Report demonstrates progress toward our goals during the second year of Strategy 2011–2014, a far-reaching plan that set forth 29 goals and 100 specific and measurable initiatives to make DEP the safest, most efficient, cost-effective, and transparent water utility in the nation. In 2012, we fully achieved 57 of the 100 initiatives, partially achieved 30, and initiated 13 others. Thanks to the dedication of our nearly 6,000 employees, DEP is well on its way toward achieving the 29 goals outlined by the plan. As we begin the third year of Strategy 2011–2014, this report serves as a benchmark by which the public can measure our success in meeting our objectives.

Initiatives are:

  • Achieved and Ongoing if they have met the milestones set forth in Strategy 2011-2014 and DEP has incorporated the initiative into ongoing operations.
  • Achieved if they have met the milestones set forth in Strategy 2011-2014.
  • Partially Achieved if they have met significant milestones and are on track to be completed on schedule.
  • Initiated if they are still in the early stages of development but are still on track to be completed on schedule.
  • Deferred if they have been significantly delayed by choice or by mandate, or they will be achieved through a different strategy.

View the 2011 Progress Report by Category

Strategic Planning and Performance
This strategic plan is a blueprint for achieving our core objectives over the long term and is intended to guide our nearly 6,000 employees in the work they do every day.
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Customer Service
We have a special obligation to our customers to provide transparent, high-quality, and efficient customer service.
Worker Safety, Public Health and Environmental Protection

Worker Safety, Public Health and Environmental Protection
Our goal is to run the safest operations and capital program in the country with the best environmental compliance record of any large water and wastewater utility.
Operations and capital

Operations and Capital
New York City's water supply and the infrastructure needed to carry it here has played a large part in the city's steady growth for more than 150 years.

Sustainability unites environmental protection and economic development to create a more livable city.

Strategy 2011-2014