DEM created the Energy Management Institute (EMI) in partnership with the Building Performance Lab at the City University of New York and the Association of Energy Engineers. EMI offers energy management training programs for City employees to develop the skills necessary for the energy efficient operations and maintenance of municipal buildings..

Course registration is open to employees at City agencies and institutions where DCAS pays the energy bills only, and is targeted to building operators, engineers, and tradespeople.

What is Building Operator Certification and Certified Energy Manager training like? Watch this 15 minute video of interviews with our Operations & Maintenance Champions to learn about how they’ve translated the skills they learned in energy management training into energy savings at the workplace:

The Fall 2016 Training Schedule is out now!
Below is a list of the courses being offered for the Fall 2016 season and links to the course catalog and application form:

Fall 2016 Course Catalog

Fall 2016 Application Form   

Fall 2016 Courses

Registration Deadline

Start Date

BOC Level 1 (Cohort A) - CTC

August 8

September 9

BOC Level 1 (Cohort B) - CUNY

August 8

September 7

BOC Level 2

August 8

September 16

Building Re-Tuning (BRT) Building Automation System (BAS)

September 23

October 27

Energy Efficient Operations of Controls Systems

October 3

November 1