Other Resources

The following are State, Federal, and utility resources that offer energy management tips and best practices. 

The Federal Energy Management Program offers the following fact sheets (PDFs open in new window):

The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers homepage provides a personalized energy assessment tool, and advice for saving energy around your home, workplace, and vehicle.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greener Products portal allows tailored searches linking consumers to detailed information about WaterSense, Energy Star and other green products and services that “can help reduce air pollution, conserve water and energy, minimize waste and protect their children and families from exposure to toxic chemicals, while also creating green jobs.” 

The Energy Star homepage allows you to explore Energy STAR products (electronics and appliances) and read energy savings tips related to home improvement, new homes, and buildings and plants.  Energy Star also offers a list of 15 O&M Best Practices (PDF opens in new window) for energy efficient buildings.

NYSERDA provides energy saving tips for HVAC, appliances, consumer electronics, lighting, exterior and bath.

Con Edison provides tips for saving energy in the winter and around the house.