Energy Teams

Each Mayoral agency and entity whose energy costs are paid for by the City of New York has an Agency Energy Team, responsible for energy tracking and coordinating with DEM on GHG emission reduction efforts. The Agency Energy Teams work with DEM on annual energy budgeting, as well as on the management of energy use, with the goal of achieving the GHG emission reductions set forth in New York City's long-term sustainability plan, PlaNYC.  While the size of the team may vary depending on the agency and the responsibilities may be distributed as each Team sees fit, Agency Energy Teams include planning, budget, and facility management staff with an assistant or deputy commission who is able to communicate with necessary staff throughout the agency leading the team. 

Each Agency Energy Team must designate an Energy Liaison Officer (ELO) who is responsible for monitoring energy use and costs on a monthly basis as well as reporting changes to or errors in the Agency's utility accounts to DEM.

FY13 Heat, Light Power Budget
Agency Energy Liaison Officers were sent instructions and files for Tasks 1, 2, and 3 to plan for the FY2013 Heat, Light, and Power energy budget.  Forms must be returned to DEM by January 31, 2012.  Energy Team Members and ELOs can email DEM at if additional copies of the Task 3 account list are needed.

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