Retrofit Projects

Upgrade of lighting system at FDNY's Fleet Services Shop

FDNY Fleet Services ShopDCAS DEM recently completed an upgrade of the lighting system at the FDNY's Fleet Services Shop located at 48-34 Long Island City, Queens. The lighting upgrade at this facility alone will save the City over $100,000 annually.

FDNY's Fleet Services Shop provides mechanical repairs and required maintenance for all the FDNY fire apparatus vehicles. In partnership with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and its subcontractors, DCAS DEM replaced the T12 fluorescent lighting with efficient, high output T5 fluorescents. This upgrade provides the latest technology for the illumination of this critical FDNY facility, and it provides a safer and better environment for mechanical staff to perform their repair duties. This project is expected to reduce energy use and costs by approximately 970,736 kWh and $101,411 annually, at a total project cost of $406,362.

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