Municipal Energy Use

Energy use for all New York City agencies and public institutions is tracked centrally by DCAS Energy Management. Agencies are provided with monthly reports, and staff can use a web-based system, Energy Cost Control and Conservation (EC3), to access data to track and analyze their agency's energy use.

The reports below show energy use and GHG emissions Citywide and by agency. Additional detailed reports are available by facility and account, for multiple years.

The Core Report shows Citywide energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and cost by month. To access the report, click here. The Energy Change Report shows energy use for current month and year-to-date. To access the report, click here.  

NYC Municipal Energy Budget
DCAS Energy Management purchases energy from utility sources for New York City agencies and public institutions, tracks use and billing, and works with the Mayor's Office of Management and Budget to develop the City's annual Heat, Light, and Power (HLP) budget. The Fiscal Year 2015 HLP Budget is $858 million, of which $784 million is city funded. The remainder is paid for through state funding, user charges, and other sources.

Electricity is just over three-quarters of the budget in terms of cost, and half of the budget in terms of energy content. Natural gas for heating is 15% of costs and 42% of total energy used. District steam makes up the balance. Fuel purchases are budgeted separately.

NYC Municipal FY15 HLP Budget


NYC Municipal FY15 HLP Budget

Category Amount ($)
City government, general 132,732,289
Cultural Institutions 45,558,519
Community  Colleges   23,609,001
Senior Colleges  80,407,324
DEP, Including sewage treatment 101,474,995
Education (DOE and SCA) 228,142,365
HHC (State funded) 86,708,373
Libraries 15,009,718
Police, Fire, Sanitation 58,692,276
Street Lighting 55,857,174
Correction 29,864,475
TOTAL 858,056,509
FY15 HLP Budget, % of Cost by Energy Type
FY15 HLP Budget, % of Usage by Energy Type