Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Energy Efficiency RetrofitEnergy Efficiency Retrofit

A large portion (45%) of the target reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from City government operations is expected to come from retrofitting existing City buildings and replacing equipment with more efficient models. The City owns over 4,000 buildings, ranging from schools to recreation centers and from fire houses to iconic office buildings.  Many of these buildings have inefficient lighting*, heating, and cooling systems. As of March 2011, DEM has completed 98 retrofit projects with another 24 in construction and 119 in design with 85 energy audits underway. Completed retrofit projects are saving the City an estimated $3.8 million and 17,300 Metric tons of GHG emissions per year, and the projects in design and construction are expected to save $16.7 million and 77,600 metric tons of CO2e emissions.

Following Local Law 87 (PDF opens in new window), DEM's audit and retrofit program identifies and implements Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at the City's existing buildings to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Audits follow ASHRAE Level II energy audit guidelines and include an assessment of electrical, HVAC, and building envelope systems to identify feasible energy retrofits and clean energy installations. The audit report assesses annual energy savings, implementation cost, and simple payback for each retrofit measure. DEM uses these recommendations to determine which retrofit projects will be implemented. These audits and retrofits, along with the accompanying retro-commissioning, satisfy the requirement of New York City's Local Law 87. 

Please visit the Case Study section of our website to read about current and completed retrofit projects.

*For information about how DEM handles old, inefficiecnt lighting fixtures that may contain PCBs, please visit our FAQs.