Towards a Cleaner Fleet
The City's fleet is currently about 25% hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles, including 339 electric vehicles. In January 2010, the City launched the Clean Fleet Transition Plan to ensure that vehicles are replaced with right-sized and efficient vehicles to further green the fleet. As part of this effort, the City is introducing at least 60 additional electric vehicles to the fleet and will receive at least 42 chargers through a U.S. DOE grant to support the expansion of charging station infrastructure. For more information, read the January 2010 report Exploring Electric Vehicle Adoption in New York City (PDF opens in new window).


Managing Fuel Consumption
The City spends approximately $120 million per year on vehicle fuel purchases. However, there is no citywide system that provides a complete record of vehicle fuel usage and mileage. As a result, the City is developing and implementing a new Citywide Vehicle Fuel Management System to provide a single integrated and comprehensive system to manage vehicle fuel. The Citywide Vehicle Fuel Management System will provide the City of New York with an effective means of: 1) establishing an accurate baseline vehicle fuel usage amount, 2) measuring on-going fuel usage and mileage, 3) interpreting vehicle fuel usage reductions as well as associated emissions reductions, and 4) calculating fuel cost savings as more efficient and cleaner vehicles are placed into service.