Energy Efficiency (30x17)

DCAS Energy Management oversees New York City's greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction initiatives in partnership with all City agencies. In this role, DEM is leading the effort to meet the City's ambitious goal of reducing its energy consumption and GHG emissions 30% by 2017, as described in the New York City's long-term sustainability plan, PlaNYC.

A 30% reduction from 2006 translates into 1.68 million metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions annually by 2017. The greenhouse gas emission reductions will come from several different sectors of government operations, illustrated in the pie chart below.

30% by 2017

Learn more about how DEM is working to reduce City greenhouse gas emissions in each of the following sectors of government operations:

Energy Efficiency RetrofitsEnergy Efficiency Retrofits
Operations & MaintenanceOperations & Maintenance
Clean & Alternative EnergyClean & Alternative Energy
Wastewater Treatment PlantsWastewater Treatment Plants
Emerging TechnologiesEmerging Technologies
The Department of Transportation manages GHG emission reductions from energy efficiency upgrades to street lighting by; the Department of Sanitation manages GHG emission reductions from solid waste following the City's Solid Waste Management Plan; and the Department of Design and Construction, the School Construction Authority, and other agencies manage GHG emission reductions from new construction.