Innovative Demonstrations for Energy Adaptability (IDEA)

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Do you have a new and innovative product, technology, or approach that reduces building energy use and operational costs? The City of New York wants to hear from you! The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) is looking for energy efficiency solutions for a variety of building types across its portfolio of 4,000 buildings – including schools, offices, courthouses, recreational spaces, police and fire stations, shops, garages, and industrial and wastewater treatment facilities.

Through the new Innovative Demonstrations for Energy Adaptability, or "IDEA" Program, the City considers engaging vendors of emerging and under-utilized energy technologies to test these solutions in City buildings.

The IDEA Program works with potential vendors that can provide turnkey demonstration projects, in which the vendors would be responsible for installing, commissioning, and on-site training, as well as a one-year performance assessment and presentation of the technology's operations and effect on the building.

IDEA Program Anticipated Phases
Phase I Building Controls Completed
Phase II Energy Storage & Grid Solutions Underway
Phase III HVAC Optimization Underway
Phase IV Innovations in Renewable Energy Underway

Technology Demonstration Results

The City would share the results of the demonstration projects with its agencies and other interested parties, and use the demonstration to assess the value of project replication, with the goal of informing larger-scale deployment of energy solutions. Click below to access the results of completed technology demonstration projects.

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