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Included here are design standards and specifications used by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) for street construction projects; design standards and specifications used by the New York City Environmental Protection (EP), Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations, for water main and sewer construction projects; EP General Specification 11 – Concrete; and, EP Bureau of Environmental Engineering, divisions of Design and Plant Construction, Instructions to Architect/Engineer for Specifications for Concrete.

These standards address key areas of the contractual agreement including the contractor's responsibilities, the City's expectations, and methods for measuring progress and issuing payments. They provide design guidelines for use by City-agencies, design professionals, private developers and community groups relative to construction or reconstruction of City-owned infrastructure. They also specify requirements for materials, construction methods, inspections and testing, adjustments for deficiencies, and for maintenance.

When one or more of these standards is incorporated, by reference, into a DDC construction contract, it becomes part of that document.

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(NYC/Department of Transportation)
Standard Specifications Aug 1, 2015
Standard Specifications Nov 1, 2010
Standard Specifications Feb 1, 2009
Details of Construction

Sewer & Water Main
(NYC/Environmental Protection)

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