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Image: Work in progress on Houston Street, Manhattan.

We take pride in designing, renovating and building libraries, museums, police precincts, health centers, day care centers, senior centers, emergency medical stations, courts, correctional facilities and other buildings that the City need to serve the public. Our projects can be seen in all five boroughs, from the expanded Bronx Museum of the Arts to the reconstructed Bloomingdale Park in Staten Island.

DDC also builds new and replacement components of the City’s infrastructure system, including large-scale works, such as the reconstruction of Columbus Circle in Manhattan. New or upgraded water mains, sewers, sidewalks and roadways are vital to New Yorkers. We have also invested into infrastructure technologies – such as micro-tunneling – which lessen environmental impact and make our work less disruptive to the residents and businesses within the project area.

In addition to large-scale projects, DDC’s portfolio also includes smaller-scale work essential to public safety. These important projects include the installation of more than 42,000 wheelchair accessible sidewalk pedestrian ramps and upgrade of more than 10,000 fire hydrants throughout the City.

Although the majority of our work encompasses buildings and infrastructure improvements, we also play a role in large-scale disaster relief projects.



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