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DDC understands that construction may be disruptive to the business and residential community. Our staff is available to offer assistance. A Resident Engineer (RE) is the person directly responsible for day-to-day activities at infrastructure construction sites. REs oversee our contractors to ensure timeliness, cost efficiency and quality. For most projects, a dedicated construction liaison is assigned to help the RE address any community issues and concerns. DDC also prepares and distributes descriptive brochures for most projects that provide specific information - what’s being done, where the construction will occur, what the schedule is, and who should be called if there is a problem or a question.

Residents, businesses and community representatives are invited to use these channels for information and answers to their inquiries and issues. For additional help, please call 311 (citywide non-emergency services) and provide the operator with the location of the project and, if possible, the project number.

Community Boards may also be able to assist you.

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