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Construction Inconveniences

DDC carefully stages construction activities to minimize disruption to people and businesses. However, the nature of construction is such that some disruptions may occur. We appreciate the patience and cooperation of everyone who may be temporarily inconvenienced by our infrastructure improvement projects.

1. Water Shut-Off

With sewer or water main construction projects, it will be necessary to temporarily shut off water services. Water will be shut off on the morning of scheduled work, and service will be restored at the end of the workday. Notices will be posted in the neighborhood at least 24 hours in advance of the water service interruption.

We try to identify situations where people and institutions have special water needs. If a temporary water shut off would pose special hazards or problems, call 311 (citywide non-emergency services). Provide the operator with the location of the project and, if possible, the project number.

Water emergency? Call 311.

2. Parking and Traffic Restrictions

Some traffic and parking restrictions usually are necessary to facilitate construction. Since construction work begins early in the morning, parking restrictions generally take effect at 7:00 a.m. Parking restrictions are subject to change, and residents should observe posted notices and signage. Notices are posted on affected streets at least 24 hours in advance of parking restrictions.

Driveway access may be restricted for limited times.

Vehicles not in compliance with temporary parking restrictions impede our ability to complete work on schedule and are subject to ticketing or towing to a legal parking location.

Traffic emergency? Call 311.

3. New Concrete

When concrete is poured for new sidewalks and curb cuts, it must cure for one day before use. During that time, pedestrians will be required to detour around it.

4. Other temporary disruptions

During construction, delivery and sanitation services may be restricted or change due to street closure. Notices will be posted announcing sanitation schedule changes. Businesses concerned about access and delivery should call 311 (citywide non-emergency services). Provide the operator with the location of the project and, if possible, the project number.

Bus stop locations and/or routes may be temporarily changed to facilitate construction. Notices of bus stop location and/or route changes will be posted.

Who to Call with Questions?

311 is the citywide number for all non-emergency services. When calling about a specific project, provide the operator with the location and, if possible, the project number.

Community Boards may also be able to assist you.

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