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Town+Gown, a systemic action research program, coordinates applied research among built environment practitioners and relevant academic institutions with — management, economics, law, technology and design courses. The Town+Gown Research Agenda is the primary resource for any of the Participating Members to create research projects. At the end of the program's second year of operation, there have been 32 completed projects for 14 New York City agencies produced at 11 graduate academic programs. The results of these research projects are published in Building Ideas, the program's annual review. Town+Gown then uses completed research projects as the foundation for symposia and other conversation events for the Town+Gown community throughout the academic year. For academic year 2011-2012, a number of projects are underway.


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Town+Gown, a systemic action research program, facilitates partnerships between academics and practitioners on research projects aimed at making changes in practices and policies. All practitioners and academics are welcome to participate in Town+Gown and can begin by reviewing the Research Agenda, the program's primary resource for academic-practitioner collaborations. Research projects completed each academic year are abstracted in Building Ideas, Town+Gown’s annual review document, which disseminates research results and provides a foundation for the Symposia Events.


Research Agenda

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Town+Gown - Building Ideas, Vol. 4

This volume represents the capstone of Town+Gown's fourth completed year of operation.

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Policy, Meet Design

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Current prOJECTS

Advisory Board

How to contact Town+Gown

If you would like to learn more about the program,
please contact Terri Matthews, Director

Email:  Terri Matthews, Director
Phone: 718 391 1673

Mail or Delivery Address:
Terri Matthews, Director
NYC Department of Design and Construction
30-30 Thomson Avenue, 4th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101







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