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Sustainable Design

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Since its inception in 1997, the Office of Sustainable Design has placed a priority on identifying and implementing cost-effective ways to promote greater environmental responsibility in building design for New York City.   By 2012, more than 65 projects subject to Local Law 86-2005 (the NYC green building law) have been designed to incorporate energy efficient and cost effective sustainable strategies.  These projects, worth a total of $2,009,106,703 of combined project costs and subject to LEED rating level provisions and energy cost reduction provisions, have aided in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2,021 metric tons per year, reducing 5,720,322 gallons of potable water use annually, removing 7,666,800 gallons of stormwater runoff from NYC’s waterways, and saving a total of $883,389 per year of energy costs.

As we enter this new era of green buildings, the City of New York has the influence to improve the overall quality and performance of public buildings that are constructed and renovated by the Department of Design and Construction.  The High Performance Building Guidelines, which outlines strategies and best practice techniques for more energy efficient facilities, coupled with Local Law 86-2005, requires many of the DDC projects to achieve a minimum of 20% energy cost reduction and water savings, as well as a LEED Silver rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. These requirements ensure that many of the City’s new municipal buildings, additions, and existing building renovations meet rigorous standards of sustainability, and help to improve NYC’s impact on the environment.

For more information regarding the LEED rating system, refer to the USGBC website and the USGBC New York Local Chapter site.


DDC established this site to disseminate City-specific information on sustainable design and provide resources for its managers, consultants, and client agencies. The resources include detailed descriptions and illustrations for a sampling of our sustainable projects, including LEED projects, and links to relevant documents, publications and forms. Also included are PowerPoint presentations from our training program.

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