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Sustainable Design

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Specifications for Materials with Recycled Content

As per the DDC's Design Consultant Guide, August, 2003, if the materials listed are used in the project, this specification language must be included in the final bid documents.

32_1800 Athletic & Recreational Surfaces [DOC]
03_3053 Coal Fly Ash in Concrete [DOC]
06_0000 Plastic and Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber [DOC]
07_2100 Fiberglass Building Insulation [DOC]
07_8100 Sprayed-on Fireproofing [DOC]
09_2900 Gypsum Wallboard [DOC]
09_3000 Ceramic Tile [DOC]
09_5113 Acoustical Panel Ceilings [DOC]
09_6813 Carpet Tile [DOC]
10_2113 Plastic Toilet Compartments and Related Products [DOC]

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